This is very good:

Reason – Obama’s Shaggy Dog Story About the Golden Gate Bridge Matt Welch

The history of who, and how, they built the Golden Gate Bridge is very good (I especially like that it took lobbying from the automotive industry, cuz boy have times changed, to get the Feds to sell them the teensy footprints on either side of the bridge to get it built (and then didn’t lift a finger to help)), but this is especially “Yeah! That!”:

My biggest problem with the Golden Gate metaphor isn’t necessarily the federal vs. state/private distinction, it’s that government spending at any level is being confused for the construction of gorgeous, useful bridges. That $35 million during the Depression is worth around $530 million today, or far less than 1 percent of Obama’s stimulus package. So, where the hell are our new Golden Gates? What, exactly, has been the return on all this added “investment”?