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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXXXVII

Carlton Draught – Beer Chase

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Swing Sets, Hip Flasks, and Snow Shoes: Must Be From Brooklyn!

Have we already heard of this store because it looks amazing: Kaufmann Mercantile

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Weekend Plans?

2012 Scottish Highland Games & Gathering in Pleasanton, California And omg there’s gonna be sheepdog trials.

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Giddy-Up, Hoss

Cowboys! Horses! Photos of! Daily Mail – The last cowboys: Stunning black and white images show a rugged and romantic piece of Americana as it clings on for survival Click through for the rest of ’em.

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Neil Armstrong

This is making me cry with laughter, but rather than make it the Funniest Item of the Day, I’ll just use it to illustrate what a thing it was to have been Neil Armstrong. The Onion – Late Edition: Monday, July 21, 1969 Somebody on the internet said a couple weeks ago on the occasion […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXXXVI

Daddy Skills A music video (which is amazing), featuring Sam D. (San Dorman) and DJDave (Dave Wittman), and shot, apparently, entirely on an iPhone (in San Francisco).

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The Cercei Lannisters of the Free World

Oh jeez: NRO – Mark Steyn (from 2 weeks ago): Pipe Dreams (File under: Principles, China, and Bullet-Ridden Feet)

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2⁴ + 4²

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The Olympics Vs NBC (Again)

ESPN (radio) – Shin A Lam of South Korea: The Saddest Story of the Olympics that American TV Neglected This is an amazing story, and click through to read the whole thing, but the end: This was a riveting story and one that would have been perfect for primetime television. However, it wasn’t swimming, diving, […]

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Mitt Romney Vs the Olympics: “Kiss My Ass, Show Some Respect” Indeed

Read this: Telegraph Blogs – Tim Stanley: NBC’s Olympic coverage has been a damning indictment of outdated monopoly media Especially this line: As global diplomacy goes, the network makes Mitt Romney look like Henry Kissinger. Then remember this classic from Mark Steyn, writing about how impartial our MSM is and why we rubes should rely […]

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Mars Woo!

This could be another Peter Recommends but I already did that today. He’s very excited about it, and the video is pretty cool (I mean, it wouldn’t be out of place as an ACME made Road Runner gadget gag): Challenges of Getting to Mars: Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of Terror

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Peter Recommends CXL

I saw some photos of this during the Beijing Games, but here you go: Why hosting isn’t quite the economic/infrastructural boon it’s made out to be: io9 – Eight years after the Athens Olympics, many venues have been left to rot (Although, there are lots of Canadian winter athletes who come from around the detritus […]

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The Dahlia That Lived

Celebrate life, people, cuz this huge branch of my way-too-leggy dahlia snapped nearly completely off last month, but I staked it up a bit (to take the weight off a neighboring citrus) and not only did the branch not dry up (tho it did try every time it got a little warm), but it even […]

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