Read this:

Telegraph Blogs – Tim Stanley: NBC’s Olympic coverage has been a damning indictment of outdated monopoly media

Especially this line:

As global diplomacy goes, the network makes Mitt Romney look like Henry Kissinger.

Then remember this classic from Mark Steyn, writing about how impartial our MSM is and why we rubes should rely on their stern journalistic neutrality to set the narrative:

The same networks which offer drearily parochial coverage of the Olympics to the point where you’d barely know there were any other countries competing except as exotic background extras in a Team USA victory parade insist after the commercial break that in their war coverage they’re simply impartial arbiters with no dog in the fight.

Yes. Right. And of course, again, my old rant about me, the Neanderthal right-winger, wanting somehow to actually celebrate the achievements of citizens of other countries, whilst our liberal betters talk over them to the embarrassment of our entire country. God.