This is making me cry with laughter, but rather than make it the Funniest Item of the Day, I’ll just use it to illustrate what a thing it was to have been Neil Armstrong.

The Onion – Late Edition: Monday, July 21, 1969

Somebody on the internet said a couple weeks ago on the occasion of the Curiosity rover landing on Mars that it’s amazing that we managed to put a man on the moon before digital cameras (now we have digital cameras but no man on the moon). They got a test pilot to go up there, because he had to land the thing (“Oh hey, rocks, and seconds of fuel left”), rather than mapping the entire surface with a computer and having the whole thing planned out to within a nano-inch. And nowadays, my local airport was named after a sitting Cabinet member who hasn’t, to my immediate knowledge, done anything of particular newsworthiness, whereas it seems to me it took till the mid-90s for anyone to bother to name anything after him (because, after all, he didn’t want anyone to).

Anyway, language alert, but, well, that’s kind of the point, eh.