ESPN (radio) – Shin A Lam of South Korea: The Saddest Story of the Olympics that American TV Neglected

This is an amazing story, and click through to read the whole thing, but the end:

This was a riveting story and one that would have been perfect for primetime television. However, it wasn’t swimming, diving, gymnastics or beach volleyball and didn’t directly involve an American, so NBC saw no reason to pay it much attention.

To an extent I can see their point in not covering Shin’s case in prime time. We are in America and residents of this country want to see their countrymen compete. But instead of showing nauseating profile pieces about Missy Franklin and how much she loves Justin Bieber or an interview where Andrea Kremer asks a swimmer what their strategy was (obviously their strategy was to win, Andrea), couldn’t NBC have donated five minutes to the biggest story of the Olympic Games to that point?

Maybe I’m stubborn for thinking that the Olympics should be treated as and covered like a sporting event. But as someone working for a sports radio station, who watches sports for the sports rather than the frills and the pageantry, I have been disgusted by NBC’s coverage of these Games. Almost as disgusted as I am with whoever decided to let a 15 year old manage the clock in Olympic fencing.

Emphasis mine, cuz I thought RC2 would like that.