There are some interesting numbers in this:

Vatican Insider – Africa: Christians outnumber Muslims

The figures revealed at [a conference in Morocco], today, Christians account for 46, 53% of the African population compared to the 40, 46 % represented by Muslims and the 11, 8% represented by traditional African religions.

The study states that among African countries, 31 have Christian majorities, 21 have Muslim majorities and 6 have populations which adhere mostly to traditional African religions. In 1900 Christians in Africa totalled ten million; in 2012 this number reached five hundred million. In 1900 only 2% of Christians in the world were African; today, this figure has risen to 20%. In ten years time they will be the largest continental bloc within Christianity, outdoing Europe and the Americas.

Curtsy: RC2′s Twitter feed.

It reminds me of this random band I found out about a couple months ago, the Malawi Mouse Boys (they sell BBQ mice on the side of the road, in Malawi, so hence the name). And in the video I watched to find out more, the first time anyone says anything, he says “As a musician, I compose gospel music. So my aim is to preach the word of God [pronounced gyood]“.