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Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Obviously wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving would have been way too obvious. *tosses head, looks bored* Hipster Thanksgiving

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Freaky Australian Weather Correspondent Brett McS Sends Us the Following Video

Giant Waterspout Batemans Bay Australia Brett files the following report: “Dude!” a) One wonders if it’s an entirely good idea to keep driving towards it. b) It’s funny how freaked out I got getting the rear-passenger POV on a right hand drive car. It kept making me nervous that they were turning into the wrong […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXCI

Why Doesn’t MTV Play Music Videos Anymore? In this installment of “Ask A Network Head,” Natalie asks the head of programming at MTV why they stopped playing music videos. And gets a fun answer! Yay! Multiple uses of bleeped out saucy language. But VERY funny.

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Catholic Beefcake

Daily Mail – A win and a prayer: Devout Catholic rugby star shows off the tattoos he hopes will keep the man upstairs on his side Truly, this story brings all good things together: New Zealanders, Australia, rugby studliness, ‘n God. He’s the sort of guy you’d be proud to have on a poster in […]

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The Post Druid Bishop Welby

He’s about as anti-Druid as you can get (without being a woman as well). So we’ll have to find another nickname. The Arch…Etonion is all I got, and it’s not very good. This is a very good write-up in the Telegraph: Telegraph – Fraser Nelson: The worldly capitalist looking to spread the Word of the […]

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