He’s about as anti-Druid as you can get (without being a woman as well). So we’ll have to find another nickname. The Arch…Etonion is all I got, and it’s not very good.

This is a very good write-up in the Telegraph:

Telegraph – Fraser Nelson: The worldly capitalist looking to spread the Word of the Lord
Justin Welby will bring brains and bravery to the almost impossible job of Archbishop of Canterbury

When the news broke yesterday, the broadcasters described him as an Old Etonian. But Eton alumni are like Irish pubs. You stop being surprised where they turn up. What matters is what Bishop Welby did after his teenage years: he became a successful oil executive, with a long and well-remunerated career ahead of him – then, aged 31, he swapped pay for pews.

Once installed in Durham (and, ergo, the House of Lords), he was enlisted to the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards, where his often excoriating interventions conferred rising-star status on the 56-year-old. Until a few days ago, Justin Welby was the most influential bishop that you’d never heard of.

Among the politicians who have come to know him over the past few months, there was celebration yesterday, and from all benches. He was invited to join the banking commission with cross-party support, as he was a capitalist who was tough on the City. “In a dark sea of thick and wholly unworldly bishops, he sparks a little,” says one MP. “Talking to the bishops in Parliament seldom leaves you with the impression that they believe in God. I think this one actually might.” The only concern was that he might be too religious for the job.

Emphasis mine.

And then there’s this:

Bishop Welby’s appointment was confirmed in a tweet from Downing Street this morning

The times, they are a-changin’.