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On Stupid Laws and Stupid Reactions To Them

Mark Steyn is very much worth a read today, on the people who obviously didn’t mean to break the so-numerous-as-to-be-unknowable laws they broke but were still punished, because they aren’t on NBC: NRO – Mark Steyn: Laws Are for Little People And not for David Gregory.

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Belated Merry Christmas, As Well as Some Movie Reviews

Ahoy there from the inter-festa deep! I hope everyone had a merry Christmas? Ours was very good, indeed. And then as we were driving back from my ancestral pile (so to speak), I thought “Well, that’s Christmas over, I suppose.” It always seems a bit anti-climactic, don’t you think? It’s a good thing Peter has […]

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It’s Not All Bad News

I just put this on Twitter but I need it for the external memory drive. 26 Moments That Restored Our Faith In Humanity This Year There are many things to undo you entirely, but #15 is my favourite, 3 is adorable, 5 is great, 6 I’ve seen before but is still hilarious (the smilies), 18 […]

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Trains! Steam Edition

Obviously I sat on this till it was too late to be of any actionable interest to anyone, BUT STILL! Look out for four steam trains in London this Saturday And then I’ve had this sitting on my desk, from the October issue of WIRED (I can’t find it online), page 48: BACK ON TRACK […]

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In honour of: There’s this (curtsy: vanderleun): Gold Bullion Vault – Periodic Table of Videos From the Periodic Table of Videos project.

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That Poor Nurse

I certainly hope that it doesn’t turn out that the poor lady who accidentally talked to those two silly DJs about Kate’s hospital stay was hounded by the press to an extent that that’s what turned out to put her over the edge. For one thing, our royal father-to-be will be severely cheesed off, as […]

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In Which I Spend 16 Minutes Staring at Liz Taylor

Yeah so I just watched this whole thing: Liz Taylor & Mike Todd – A Happy Marriage Random observations: • People have been saying their daughters are so smart they’ll be the first female president since before the Baby Boomers invented the line. • Liz Taylor is cool.

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