Obviously I sat on this till it was too late to be of any actionable interest to anyone, BUT STILL! Look out for four steam trains in London this Saturday

And then I’ve had this sitting on my desk, from the October issue of WIRED (I can’t find it online), page 48:

Rebooting steam technology might be the key to energy-efficient railroads.

…Now some engineers–the geeky kind, not the railroad kind–want to bring back steam. Sustainable Rail International, working with the University of Minnesota, has designed a steam loco that in simulations out-accelerates the latest diesel-electric hybrids and reaches 130 mph. To validate their ideas, they’re salvaging the [1937 Santa Fe Railroad's] 3463.


Update! (12.17):

Daily Mail – Steam train returns to London Underground for the first time in a century to mark 150 years since the Tube was opened](http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2249372/Steam-train-returns-London-Underground-time-century-mark-150-years-Tube-opened.html)