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The Oscars, Etc

This is basically an excuse to post one of my favourite gifs of the past year, but it IS interesting that as much as people hate on Quentin Tarantino for being OMG too long and OMG needing an editor and OMG remember Jackie Brown and how brilliant that was but OMG let’s remember that wasn’t […]

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Plucky Little Peugot

Time Machine *cries* Curtsy: Vanderleun.

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The Times! They Suck!

Hello! I still live! I think the Twitter thing on here has been mostly broken so I understand if many of you haven’t seen evidence otherwise but it is true, I haven’t disappeared off the face of the ridiculous little planet upon which we live. See, and I’ve said this before, but there was a […]

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China Getting Older Before It Gets Rich

The Telegraph – IMF sees 140m jobs shortage in ageing China as ‘Lewis Point’ hits China’s vast reserve of cheap workers in the hinterland is vanishing at a vertiginous pace. We can now discern more or less when the catch-up growth miracle will sputter out. Another seven years or so – enough to bouy global […]

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