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Musical Interlude!

Via Brett McS, who knows me, what can I say: Ali Mills – Waltjim Bat Matilda In the first minute or so, I was confused, and had to look her up in Wiki, at which point all was made clear: Her Kriol version of “Waltzing Matilda” sung in her Gurindji-Kungarakan language (written by her great […]

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On Antis and Phobias

I’ve noticed something! Last night I was reading this, tucked up in bed, in my phone, via Twitter (Daniel Finklestein tweeted it): New Statesman – Mehdi Hasan: The sorry truth is that the virus of anti-Semitism has infected the British Muslim community It’s a shameful fact that Muslims are not only the victims of racial […]

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In Which Some Corners of the Internet Are Vastly Superior to Others

It’s a funny old world. One must never, never, never read the comments of a news article, a newspaper opinion article, a youtube video, a post on a political blog (unless independently run and strictly moderated); even amazon and yelp reviews will mostly only serve to cause confusion and anguish (best to stick to the […]

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My Saint Patrick’s Day

Well, I made Irish Soda Bread, so that was a thing. But I had a smoothie for lunch, and made an English-ish lamb recipe for dinner. With an apple cider sauce (not Guinness). And bought (and then sampled) a new bottle of sherry, this time with a royal warrant for the King of Spain (in […]

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Jan Steen: A Painter For Our Age

(Unrelated, but: Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!) On Friday I went to the de Young Museum in San Francisco to see the Girl with a Pear Earring (Dutch Paintings From the Mauritshuis). It really is a lovely painting. Nobody seems to point out how Vermeer seems to have put the whole thing out of focus (especially […]

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In Which Google Destroys the Thing Holding the Internet Together

…In order to force people into using the thing that’s they want to hold the internet together but won’t because it’s a piece o’ shite. Hitler finds out Google Reader is shutting down Brian Shih’s answer to: Google Reader Shut Down (March 2013): Why is Google killing Google Reader? (Brian Shih is a former Reader […]

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And the Most Amazing Item of the Day

Judi Dench in Cabaret! From the video’s notes: Yes, that Judi Dench…from the original London production of Cabaret in 1968…keep in mind, the character of Sally Bowles from the original stories was supposed to be woefully untalented (this was changed for the Liza Minnelli film version) and this particular song was not included in the […]

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And the 10-Day-Late Oscars Reaction!

First, I’d like to point out how humourous it is that Oscar Pistorius got bailed two days before the Oscars meaning the #oscar hashtag on twitter transitioned seamlessly from a South African court drama involving murder, corruption, money and justice to red carpet side boobs. Anyhoo, the Seth McFarlane thing can’t be reacted to better […]

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