…In order to force people into using the thing that’s they want to hold the internet together but won’t because it’s a piece o’ shite.

Hitler finds out Google Reader is shutting down

Brian Shih’s answer to:
Google Reader Shut Down (March 2013): Why is Google killing Google Reader?

(Brian Shih is a former Reader PM who is no longer at Google)

I suspect that it survived for some time after being put into maintenance because they believed it could still be a useful source of content into G+. Reader users were always voracious consumers of content, and many of them filtered and shared a great deal of it.

But after switching the sharing features over to G+ (the so called “share-pocalypse”) along with the redesigned UI, my guess is that usage just started to fall – particularly around sharing. I know that my sharing basically stopped completely once the redesign happened [3]. Though Google did ultimately fix a lot of the UI issues, the sharing (and therefore content going into G+) would never recover.

So with dwindling usefulness to G+, (likely) dwindling or flattening usage due to being in maintenance, and Google’s big drive to focus in the last couple of years, what choice was there but to kill the product?

I disagree. I think nobody (as stated) used the idiotic share-to-G+ path, but usage didn’t drop, which meant people were using Reader to READ things and then posting those things manually to Facebook and Twitter (it sure as hell is what I do). They killed the “Share” function (hey! that was a successful social product you MORONS!) so I bet everyone, like us, were manually sending links to each other over chat, too.

So they’re not killing it because it isn’t supporting G+ but because people prefer it to G+ and aren’t allowing themselves to be turned into content farmers FOR G+.

Anyway, this just pisses me off. Someone said on the internet that no matter what the reaction is, it’ll still die, because Buzz and Wave had loyal users who reacted badly to their products’ demises, except Buzz was a massive lawsuit and both of them had huge engineering resources poured into them. Reader would’ve just plugged along forever. Morons.

Also, from my Google Reader stats page:

From your 64 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 3,895 items, clicked 103 items, starred 2 items, and emailed 0 items.

Since July 26, 2008 you have read a total of 218,787 items.