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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXCIX

I tweeted this earlier (“OMG SO VG”) but it’s so good I wanted to save it in ye olde external memory drive. As well as, I haven’t done one of these in an age. Impressionist Jim Meskimen Does Shakespeare in Celebrity Voices I don’t know what it is about impressionists because they don’t even have […]

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Read Thy Comics

I’m catching up on Reader and, oh damn this is creepy (from April 9): xkcd what if? – Pressure Cooker Also, on April 14 (the day before the Boston Marathon), the Sunday Times had a piece on the charming leadership of Chechnya: Moscow crime ring run by Chechen police A GROUP of armed thugs accused […]

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In Praise of the Cigarette Break

(I like this much better than the “the police didn’t even have the cordon in the right place!” line about how the authorities are useless and ra ra the little man, which, honestly, is a stupid thing to say and you’re not going to make friends saying it, guys.) Wheat & Weeds – Not To […]

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Everything In the World Happened While I Was In Maui: A Collection of Catching Up

First: This video of Margaret Thatcher being interviewed about her efforts to support British fashion in 1984 (I’ve never seen archival news footage from the 80s look this good). I’d embed but the uploader has disabled that so just click the link and the video will be bigger anyway. Margaret Thatcher’s fashion sense – TV-am […]

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Oh, Maggie.

Photo shamelessly pinched from here, a s me on my phone, too. So Lady Thatcher died yesterday, and I couldn’t possibly manage a round-up of links while on my phone, anyway the best ones have been off The Times’ iPad app, which I can’t link to. What I do want to tap about is this […]

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