First: This video of Margaret Thatcher being interviewed about her efforts to support British fashion in 1984 (I’ve never seen archival news footage from the 80s look this good). I’d embed but the uploader has disabled that so just click the link and the video will be bigger anyway.

Margaret Thatcher’s fashion sense – TV-am – 1984

Roger Ebert died, and here’s his (20 minute) Ted talk on losing his speech but getting his voice back via the internet:

Via some local TV (damn, dude, you fast; TSA lady, kinda useless): RAW VIDEO: Vacationing Pinole cop takes down woman assaulting TSA officer

The Twitter seemed to agree that in the debates about Margaret Thatcher when they were recalled a few days after she died, Malcolm Rifkind was very good, and he is:

…And I have run out of time. If anything else in the 8 (only 8!) unread emails is worth sharing, expect a part 2. Probably added to this post. Cuz hell I can’t find anything on this blog anyway so lord knows I don’t need to be creating too many separate posts.