(I like this much better than the “the police didn’t even have the cordon in the right place!” line about how the authorities are useless and ra ra the little man, which, honestly, is a stupid thing to say and you’re not going to make friends saying it, guys.)

Wheat & Weeds – Not To Diminish The First Responders, But….

Isn’t the REAL hero of Boston a smoker? Scroll WAY the heck down in this quite good account of the manhunt in Watertown and you find this:

A resident in his 60s, believed to be called David Hanneberry, reportedly went outside to smoke and saw the tarpaulin cover of his boat was disturbed off the top.

One lone smoker out-performed all those surveillance cameras and cops!

But let’s remember, if not for the health campaigner’s efforts to get people to stop smoking inside, he’d never have gone outside and joined history.

So there we have it. A happy marrying of health (go outside!) and the cigarette (communicate with your fellow man, or catch a wanted criminal!).

Non-facetious side note: I feel like I’ve seen a lot of older dudes smoking lately. Maybe they’ve come out of hiding? Maybe they’re the last generation that DID smoke, and then sort of took it underground, and now they’re at an age where they’re like “I made it this far, let’s live a little.” Or maybe they’re just of an age where, for the same reason, they’re all relapsing at the same time? Anyway it’s incredibly off-topic but kind of interesting for absolutely no reason at all.