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So Lady Thatcher died yesterday, and I couldn’t possibly manage a round-up of links while on my phone, anyway the best ones have been off The Times’ iPad app, which I can’t link to. What I do want to tap about is this reaction of glee to her being dead.

Now, first, let’s get out of the way the WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE (see eg The Telegraph shutting down all comments on related stories in the newspaper and blogs because of the amount of abuse they were getting, meaning people were so filled with the need to unload on and 87-year-old widow suffering dementia that they went to the Torygraph to insult as many of her supporters as they could), and instead let’s assume for a moment that it’s more or less rational to hate someone like that and celebrate their death.

  1. Why this death? She lived a ripe old age, and seems to have died quietly from a stroke, in the Ritz hotel. Not exactly vanquished by her enemies, so why the champagne? Wouldn’t that have been better timed when she left No. 10 in tears?

  2. Therefore, her death is the last thing they should be celebrating. It represents, in a way, their own failure. She never list an election. She was in power for nearly 12 years. She was replaced by another Conservative, and not one who’d stabbed her in the back.

  3. She’d been nearly blown up by Irish terrorists fairly early on in her tenure as PM. If they’d have been successful then, or perhaps if that had been the cause of her death yesterday, there’s no way that those people hanging THE BITCH IS DEAD banners would have done so. Someone (rather a lot of people actually) would have said bitterly but quietly on some BBC chat show that she’d made enemies and lets understand and yadda yadda, and The Telegraph would’ve jumped all over those statements and etc, but no champagne in the streets, I’d say.

But why? Following their logic, which we’re pretending exists for the purposes of ruining my right thumb, wouldn’t it be more rational to celebrate her violent death than a quiet one in a comfortable bed at an advanced age?

So, basically, we can stop pretending now and say they don’t make any sense. I just don’t understand people. You celebrate, if you must, the demise of a politician, and, if you can, her policies (which you can’t, so thbpt). You don’t celebrate the death of a lonely, ill old woman, whose done nothing to anyone for over a decade. Unless you’re a dick.