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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCCI

The punchline is at the end: io9 – Life-Size ‘Star Wars’ X-Wing Fighter Built Out of 5 Million LEGO Bricks

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Peter Recommends CXLIII

Who here remembers the waterspout above Batemans Bay last November, as sent in by the intrepid Brett McS? Now we have: The birth of the May 20, 2013 tornado at Newcastle, OK. It Moved from there to Moore where it turned into an F4. God be with its victims. It’s very loud. At the beginning […]

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Oof, He’s Certainly Let Himself Go Since We Started Tracking His Comings and Goings

Daily Mail – King of Swaziland wants to make me his (14th) virgin bride… so you must let me stay in the UK: Woman’s plea for asylum after fleeing African monarch Oof.

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCC

As usual, the title cards and captions are the best part. The book title, too, is the best part. But the really best part is how Putin’s headshot has no captioning at all. That’s the best part. It’s interesting that this is uploaded by somebody whose titles are all in arabic, so, obviously, for an […]

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Absolutely the Most Wonderful Item of the Day

Commander Chris Hadfield, of the Canadian space agency, who has probably done more for space exploration than anyone this side of the moon landing, has recorded a revised David Bowie to commemorate his time on board the International Space Station: Space Oddity Watch it big, and up the quality.

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Friday Catblogging: Dear Diary…

Via Brett McS, who sees the truth in this: (Ahh, zefrank.)

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*Bursts Into Applause*

I’ve been reading this, via Janice Turner’s Twitter feed, on my phone, and I’ve gotten up to “there are criticisms flying about” and I had to get up and link to it on here because I just keep laughing out loud and doing subtle air punches (we’ve just had dinner, the child is in bed, […]

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Southern Africa Doing a Bang-Up Job at Animal Conservation

National Post – All of Mozambique’s remaining rhinos killed by poachers Johannesburg – The last known rhinoceroses in Mozambique have been wiped out by poachers apparently working in cahoots with the game rangers responsible for protecting them. The 15 threatened animals were shot dead for their horns last month in the Mozambican part of Great […]

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