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Serious Question (On Real Estate, Rich People, and Equality)

I have a long essay/rant/screed/ramble in my head on the topic, and honestly, who wants to read that (read also: who wants to type it out), but thinking is easy; working out a solution is another thing entirely. Is there any particular reason of liberty and equality and the rest of all that jazz why […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCCII

Guardian – G8 leaders reveal their TripAdvisor guide to Lough Erne Now we know what statesmen really think, Northern Ireland tourism is set for a boost. By Victoria Coren The whole thing is hilarious, but a taster: “Problem with gym” I am afraid problem with gym. Full of American presidents. I am vaiting, vaiting. Eventually […]

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The Death of Culture

With an unexpected Die Boomers Die twist at the end! Vanity Fair – You Say You Want a Devolution? For most of the last century, America’s cultural landscape—its fashion, art, music, design, entertainment—changed dramatically every 20 years or so. But these days, even as technological and scientific leaps have continued to revolutionize life, popular style […]

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Dolphins! He Wasn’t Making a Rank-Related Joke!

Well, I thought, it’s been a while since we’ve had a good submarine video, I thought, and this one is pretty epic, I thought. Then, DOLPHINS! Like, totes the small gregarious toothed whale with the beaklike snout and curved fin and sociable nature and high intelligence and adorable habit of leaping around the waves like […]

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In Which We Discover the Origins of the Turkish Protests

What. The. Hell: Guardian – The view from Taksim Square: why is Turkey now in turmoil? By Elif Shafak It all started as a peaceful sit-in to save one of the last remaining public parks in a city of almost 14 million people. I mean, really? The government has been adamant about razing the park […]

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Meanwhile, In Yorkshire

If you’re in a bad mood, look at this man with his onion: Here’s the story: Digital Spy – The world’s heaviest onion – picture Peter Glazebrook’s prize-winning onion weighed in at 18lb 1oz, beating his previous record of 17lb 5oz set last year at the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show. … Glazebrook took a total […]

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Peter Recommends CXLIV

If you’re in a bad mood, watch this: Josh Turnbull making a brilliant run and slotting away a beautiful goal in front of Matthew Harding. After Chelsea’s last match of the 12/13 season. Stay Believe.

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Doctor. Who.

I just want to quickly put it on record, and yes I have many important, weighty, interesting things to post about but bugger if I can find the time to devote the energy to it, that this idea that Doctor Who has to be a woman to stay relevant is a load of crap. There […]

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