I just want to quickly put it on record, and yes I have many important, weighty, interesting things to post about but bugger if I can find the time to devote the energy to it, that this idea that Doctor Who has to be a woman to stay relevant is a load of crap.

There is nothing wrong with a Time Lord being a masculine character, even if he does regenerate from time to time. There is no reason why picking a female actor would recharge the franchise any more than any other move would. In fact, it would just irritate me even more than I am with the franchise at how idiotic an idea it is and how idiotic they are to go with it.

Instead, perhaps the writers could go with a story line that DEVIATES just once from the noble-but-flawed-human-race needs help and a gentle nudge in the right direction from the Doctor in yet another The World And By That I Mean Earth Is In Danger Of Ending Again Yes You Read That Right A-Bloody-Gain.

Remember when he used to go to alien planets? Is the BBC spending so much money on rural Wales that they need to get their money’s worth by having all locales represent London? Remember the original Angels? Remember how that was just really effing scary and it didn’t have any Weighty Topical Messages For Current Events And Other Important Matters? Remember the Face of Bo? Remember how there were other stories besides Daleks?

Anyway. Seriously.