I have a long essay/rant/screed/ramble in my head on the topic, and honestly, who wants to read that (read also: who wants to type it out), but thinking is easy; working out a solution is another thing entirely.

Is there any particular reason of liberty and equality and the rest of all that jazz why you couldn’t tax the bejeezus out of second homes (that aren’t in designated “resort” areas)? To keep people from moving locals out and ruining the locations of beauty around them, and keep people from spending $30 million on houses in San Francisco and leaving them vacant cuz they’ve got loads of homes and who cares if everyone else is therefore spending $5 million on a “normal” house?

And what about landlords who own whole neighborhood shopping districts and let them go vacant for years on end because only a Pizza Hut can pay the rent and they’re hoping the locals will get sick of the graffiti and let the Pizza Hut move in? Wouldn’t it be nice if the little local restaurant that had to move out had owned his building and could’ve stayed? Or is that ridiculous romanticism?

Anyway, I’ve been wondering if there’s anyway of discouraging this sort of thing, or maybe there isn’t?