See, the trouble with the entire world, really, is that we live with the internet, wherein I know that there’s this TV documentary airing, even if it is airing in a different country, but I still know about it, and I still see people’s reactions to it, and I can still Google it and see the description of it and click on the tantalizingly available Play buttons on iPlayer which of course don’t work because I’m out of territory. But I get that, I don’t mind all that. What I DO mind is the fact that there is no indication anywhere, because still, 25 years into the internet, nobody does any forward planning. “Hey, there are 6 billion people on the planet, and one or two of them will, statistically speaking, be likely to do a very basic internet search. Why don’t we just put a little note on the webpage that This Program Is Being Released In Your Area In, and we can lie here because no one will, statistically, remember, or mind if it gets put off, The Fall, or Springs, or anything, really.” Is that so hard? No!

In the meantime, I’d really like to have a name like Aethelflaed.