Can I just say, notwithstanding anything else (because, God, let’s face it, the cast of characters is getting way too big to follow), I wish Good Luck to Chelsea Manning, formerly of Bradley fame, and hope that she’s able to cope with whatever it is she’s going through on top of, oh gee, the terrible crime she committed and punishment for which etc and whatever.

But, like, I’m kind of looking forward to maybe there being another feminist bout of infighting about this whole business of, you grow up as a boy, you live life as a man, you join the MILITARY FRATERNITY, and then you announce you’re a woman and for 15 minutes live life as one and everyone jumps all over you to tell you what STRONG WOMAN you are. Sorry, but that just puts my nose way out of joint.

(To remind everyone, this was part of the last round: My husband’s sex change
Living with a man who wants to be a woman Christine Benvenuto