Cracked (god, the ADS; avert your eyes from them) – The 6 Weirdest Things We’ve Learned Since 9/11, by David Wong

I like this. I especially like #6 “Terrorism Totally Works!” (it goes in reverse order, so #6 is first), for pointing out the amount of money we spent and how utterly inefficient it is etc and so on, all valid points worth making, without then descending into The War Was Wrong Bush Lied Cheney Is Evil And Other Ways To Insult Half The Country right away.

See? It’s easy to have a reasonable discussion about the faults of one particular policy or another without causing a big angry polarizing argument!

I especially like the thing about the State Police barging into people’s houses after the Marathon bombing, all dressed up like the Military. In flipping CAMOUFLAGE.

#5, “Apparently Anything Can Be Called Terrorism” is a little lame, since I don’t think anyone was actually seriously saying that the examples listed need to be part of the WoT, but that it was just a couple of morons trying to get attention by using the word, but hey, semantics.

#4 (It’s Actually Really Hard to Pull Off a Large-Scale Terror Attack) is hilarious, and the rest are good (3 is better than 1, though), but #2 (Patriotism Got Really Weird at Some Point) sort of fails to point out that this:

Somebody tell me when the entire concept of patriotism got hijacked by the pickup truck and gun rack brigade.

…happened all over the Western world because normal people thought it uncool/racist to say they were patriotic, leaving the crazy people to use it as a badge of defiance against the liberal/Liberal hegemony. It wasn’t hijacked; it was left lying on a sidewalk, propped up against some overflowing bins, next to an old couch and a broken record player. Which is really annoying when nobody normal owns up to it.