So I listened to Jamie Oliver’s appearance on BBC’s Woman’s Hour last week, which is about 22 minutes long, it’s the first segment, and it’s very interesting, especially this bit towards the end:

JO: This recession is NOT going like everyone says, I can tell you that.

Jane Garvey: What do you base that on?

JO: Because I service 600,000 customers a month, I see EXACTLY what happens in their wallets, I see when they come, when they don’t come, I see confidence, I don’t see confidence, I have a humongous supply of British suppliers, I have 7, 8000 amount of staff who work with people every single day, [doing] menus and prices, 9 quid menus, 15 quid menus, which should be 25 quid menus, really. …My only little rant, really, about, if we really want to get out of this, kids have to be prepared to do what the Japanese kids, what the Chinese kids, and all the other kids do, and that’s graft, relentlessly.

(I also like the way Jane keeps trying to get him to badmouth Michael Gove and he just won’t do it)

And then he says you can freeze chilies and ginger and for that reason I’ve ordered the book. :D