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Sniffle XLXIII: Bushfire Edition

Via Brett McS, I think Mr Abbott wins the politician photo op contest: The Australian – Tony Abbott puts himself in line of fire And this: Prior to the election, Mr Abbott, a keen cyclist, runner, surf lifesaver and firefighting volunteer, vowed to continue his community activities should he assume the prime ministership. Means we […]

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Women Gain Equality In the Workplace, Women Hardest Hit

Mid-way through this interesting interview with Vicky Pryce, whose story is of absolutely no interest to Americans but the vitriol of the whole story caught my attention but for anyone interested, I’m sure Wiki can fill you in without climbing a paywall, I find this: I ask her to describe an average day at her […]

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We’re All Doomed, Etc, Post Shutdown Edition, Part 262

NRO – Mark Steyn: Potemkin Parliament Washington’s governing systems are in a bad way. Pull quote: “If only we could get American conservatives to be as fiscally responsible as Canadian liberals.” Read the whole thing. Then you can cheer yourself up with a big long article I tweeted last night on suicidal people jumping off […]

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We All Need A Cursing Stone Sometimes

I would put this in my front yard, and give it a little settling pat after one of my errand-running drives (as documented the other day on Twitter . . .). American Digest – The Curse Carved Into the Cursing Stone Read it. It’s very therapeutic.

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