Mid-way through this interesting interview with Vicky Pryce, whose story is of absolutely no interest to Americans but the vitriol of the whole story caught my attention but for anyone interested, I’m sure Wiki can fill you in without climbing a paywall, I find this:

I ask her to describe an average day at her last major job as a senior management consultant at the American firm FTI Consulting. She joined after leaving her post as joint head of the Government Economic Service, to spare her husband a conflict of interest when he joined the Cabinet.

Now, we all know that this is essential. Because politicians are rats. Of course, politicians are rats and they’ll have had a conflict of interest with somebody, somewhere, anyway, but still. Having close family members in positions affected by your job? CAESAR’S WIFE, AMIRITE

And yet, my grandmother had a PhD in Chemistry, as did my grandfather, but she wasn’t allowed to work at the same university as he did, due to rules about nepotism, which meant that pretty much anywhere in Canada they lived, as there wouldn’t be a huge amount of universities in your average Provincial capital, he got the job and she didn’t.

So, like, why SHOULD a woman like Vicky Pryce, who isn’t exactly the sort of politician’s arm candy (like some we could name) whose jobs were merely decorative enough to give her an excuse not to have to answer awkward questions about cookies, have to quit their careers because their husbands are public-servitude minded?