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That Scottish Diaspora

Is Red still here ever? The Independent – Like it or not, the Scots and the English are flesh and blood Inspect the details of this diluted nationalism and one thing becomes clear. It embraces, even celebrates, a cross-border world. By Boyd Tonkin The best bit: Elements of bathos accompanied the unveiling of Alex Salmond’s […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCCVII

The Killing does Christmas Jumper Day Omg this is wonderful.

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Thankful for PIE

And other things, but why itemize them here. So this year I’ve four pies, and I thought I would itemize those: 1. Pecan Pie, from the Fanny Farmer Cookbook. I’ve replaced the corn syrup with brown rice syrup, and a tablespoon of black treacle for colour. Don’t tell anyone. 2. Brit + Co: The Ultimate […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCCVI

I got this via RC2‘s Twitter feed, and it is… superb. Just Put the F*cking Turkey in the Oven Best line. “You don’t need to baste it. Go for a walk.” <break; turns the camera back on for an afterthought> “I said go for a walk. You need to make sure your oven is on.” […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCCV

Peter sent this to me sometime last week but it’s still the funniest thing I’ve seen today: A History of English (in under 12 minutes!)

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Jackie’s Strength

I wasn’t planning on posting anything to mark the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination (but lord if you’ve seen the Zapruder Film Stabilized…) because I wasn’t alive during the 60s and I don’t think it often contributes much to over-romantisize that particular decade, even at it’s most tragic. What would I say, as I have […]

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Hey Guys, I Went to ICELAND!

Some observations about the place that aren’t so surprising: 1. Everyone in Reykjavik is very young. This isn’t surprising because one is always amazed at the youth of people in European cities (where they actually go out and DO things: “Look ma, a yoof!”). 2. It smells surprisingly strongly at times of sulfur, as it […]

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