And other things, but why itemize them here.

So this year I’ve four pies, and I thought I would itemize those:

1. Pecan Pie, from the Fanny Farmer Cookbook. I’ve replaced the corn syrup with brown rice syrup, and a tablespoon of black treacle for colour. Don’t tell anyone.

2. Brit + Co: The Ultimate Pumpkin Pie. I couldn’t find Biscoff spread and I’m too stupid to have looked it up because it turns out this jar of stuff at Trader Joe’s I was just looking at the other day is basically their generic version, but I did do the sugared pecans to cut down on the size of the pumpkin goo, which I’m really not that into. Don’t tell anyone. You can’t tell from above what’s inside. Oh and I put a couple scoops of almond butter in the mix heh heh heh.

3. Mary Berry’s tarte tatin. My utterly useless bastard springform pan leaked all the sugary syrup all over the inside of my oven (there were flames, actual FLAMES on the bottom of the oven as it burned up, so I’m sure the pie will taste like it’s been smoked, which will be great, I’m sure), so I’m not even going to bother with the bloody syrup glaze at the end. But it looks alright. I suppose it’ll all fall apart when I try to turn it over though. STUPID PAN.

4. Paul Hollywood’s apple and Wensleydale pie. This popped up a couple weeks ago when he was promoting a new cookbook, and if you’ve caught on to the theme here, which is doing traditional pies but not the same. bleeding. thing. again. for the love of gin, I thought an apple pie with CHEESE would do quite nicely indeed. Plus there’s no effing cinnamon in it. WINNING.

So, hopefully there will be enough edible out of those to feed a crowd of 14 or so.