Is Red still here ever?

The Independent – Like it or not, the Scots and the English are flesh and blood
Inspect the details of this diluted nationalism and one thing becomes clear. It embraces, even celebrates, a cross-border world. By Boyd Tonkin

The best bit:

Elements of bathos accompanied the unveiling of Alex Salmond’s mega-manifesto. Post-oil boom Scottish nationalism has gained emotional lift-off from tales hatched in Hollywood – rather than Holyrood – of shaggy plaid-clad warriors who gave a good hiding to those sneery English fops. Now the heirs of the Wallace and the Bruce will vote for independence thanks to “a transformational extension of childcare”, lower corporation tax, “reducing your energy bills by an average of 5 per cent” and – war cries ready – a 50 per cent reduction in air passenger duty.

That, sceptics might scoff, will really call the clans up from the glens, dirks flashing and claymores swinging. Supporters of the status quo, beware. This is no fumble but the core of a shrewd strategy. As a riposte to the “devo max” proposed by unionists, the SNP government has come up with Independence Lite. Let’s see if it sells like Irn Bru.

Read the whole thing, if you’re interested in the referendum (and it is interesting! Indeed, did you know that every country in the EU has to agree to let a new member state in? And Scotland has always relied on the EU to be their ticket out of the Union? But Spain would absolutely veto it under all circs because they don’t want the Basques getting any ideas?), but to close, here’s the really remarkable painting he starts with:

Dido Elizabeth Belle and Lady Elizabeth Murray