Duck Dynasty, a show I’ve never seen on a cable channel I have no access to, should never have been put on the air. Ditto Paula Deen, who if she was a male comedian would have made a living making redneck jokes, meaning both of them were put on the air for the purposes of laughing at the hicks whilst at the same time cynically monetizing off fly-over country, so anyone stupid enough to make these people famous doesn’t deserve to get upset when they get dropped the minute they get inconveniently truth-bombing about the realities of their communities. But anyway:

Part one:

National Review – The Age of Intolerance
The forces of “tolerance” are intolerant of anything less than full-blown celebratory approval. By Mark Steyn

Part two:

The Corner – Jason Lee Steorts: Steyn on Speech

And part three:

The Corner – Mark Steyn: Re-Education Camp

I am sorry my editor at NR does not grasp the stakes. Indeed, he seems inclined to “normalize” what GLAAD is doing. But, if he truly finds my “derogatory language” offensive, I’d rather he just indefinitely suspend me than twist himself into a soggy pretzel of ambivalent inertia trying to avoid the central point – that a society where lives are ruined over an aside because some identity-group don decides it must be so is ugly and profoundly illiberal. As to his kind but belated and conditional pledge to join me on the barricades, I had enough of that level of passionate support up in Canada to know that, when the call to arms comes, there will always be some “derogatory” or “puerile” expression that it will be more important to tut over. So thanks for the offer, but I don’t think you’d be much use, would you?

So did Mark Steyn just quit?