This was linked to on Lilek’s work blog a week ago or so, I think, and it is amazing:

Young Man’s Fancy – 1952 American Consumers & Family Values Documentary

Sitcom-style film produced for the Edison Electric Institute. The film encouraged increased consumption of electricity through the ever increasing number of ‘must have’ household appliances. The plot pits a starry-eyed teenage girl against a geek whose main interests happen to be engineering and time study.

Absolutely amazing. I thought I’d click on it and watch the first 30 seconds or so to get an idea of the joke being made but, err, ended up watching about 15 minutes, then another 8 minutes the next day. Then it all got too excruciating and I had to stop. With five minutes to go.

Basically, this girl’s brother brings home a friend from college and obviously romance blossoms. Sort of.

The girl hates her brother and has absolutely nothing in common with the friend, but absolutely throws herself at him trying to impress him. The friend barely notices her and has nothing in common with her, and honestly I didn’t get far enough to find out if he ever notices she exists as a human being.

But, see, the thing that I wanted to post this for is because this family has had this Newfangled Electric Kitchen installed for about a week (since they’re all talking about it, it must be new, eh?) and already this poor kid is just begging for a feminist revolution. I mean come ON.