And no I’m not watching, I’m just on Twitter.

But to illustrate in more than 140 characters (less the short url for an epic photo), Mark Steyn posted this, written during the Salt Lake City Olympics what with the corruption and vote rigging and whatnot:

For all that pious guff about not tainting the “Olympic ideals”, the best Games have always been those infected by politics: a racially inferior Negro driving Hitler nuts by whupping the Aryan boys and taking four medals in ’36; the mad-as-hell Magyars who, a month after the Hungarian uprising, trounced the Soviets in a brutal water-polo match in Melbourne in 1956. Alas, the USSR went belly up and those genetically modified east bloc lady shot-putters with facial hair even Mullah Omar might find a tad excessive faded from the scene. And, to be honest, in the last decade the Olympics hasn’t been what it was.

Yeah no kiddin’. (Unless you take the absolutely throbbing good will and positive energies coming out of London, but that was London, the town, let’s be honest.)

So, to drive home the point, all the journalists of the Western World are descending on a hicksville little hole-in-the-wall in Russia, where the only journalist who would have written about the situation has been thrown in a gulag or poisoned with radioactive tea a decade ago, and all the PR from Putin about how great everything is is being shown up for what it really is: A corrupt, tasteless, shoddy little place. And to defend themselves, the Russian authorities are blaming the journalists, based on the security footage they have of the showers in the hotel rooms the journalists are staying in. I mean, really. Even Google’s rainbow doodle and the Canadian luge ad are making this incredibly entertaining, for once. And I haven’t had to sit through a single McDonalds ad yet!