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That One Plus the Fourth One

I woke up this morning thinking, given current events, it would be nice if not too many people died today. Poor Robin Williams.

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Sniffle XLXIV: Morning Commute Edition

A man in Perth gets his leg wedged between the train and the platform, and ERRBODY rushes to help with their own brute strength (rather than shutting the rail system down all day until men in hi-viz jackets, hardhats and walkie-talkies arrive to dismantle the thing at enormous public cost, as one would imagine happening […]

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This is such a beautiful idea: Making the poppies – The Tower of London Remembers Installing the Poppies – The Tower of London Remembers Project I suppose if we did it here it would be some sort of ridiculous “crescent of embrace”, or in this case, the “imperial eagle of remembrance,” or something. Speaking of […]

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