Peter Recommends CXLVIII

This is about the bestest thing in the world right now (the story, not the beer, per se): Stella Artois: Perfectionists: Rufus – The Real Hawk-Eye More here: Wimbledon Hired A Hawk To Scare The Pigeons Away

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George Monbiot does nature documentary narrations? How Wolves Change Rivers The most important thing you can take away from that video is that deer are jerks (no but seriously didn’t someone once describe deer as being the pigeons of the wilderness or something?) no but seriously wolves are cool. Curtsy: Vanderleun

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Chickens! In Versailles!

A la Française | Graduation movie from Supinfocom Arles 2012 A la Française from à la Française on Vimeo. By Julien Hazebroucq, Emmanuelle Leleu, Morrigane Boyer, William Lorton, and Ren Hsien Hsu. I just think it’s wonderful. (This would have been a Funniest Item but I’ve had it open for more than a week. Got […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCCVIII

I heard this for the first time yesterday, and it’s just fantastic. Play it loud so you can hear: Flanders And Swann – The Gnu Song

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Happy (One-Day Belated) Australia Day!

(Even if to Australians it’s been at least two days by now but never mind all that)

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Dolphins! He Wasn’t Making a Rank-Related Joke!

Well, I thought, it’s been a while since we’ve had a good submarine video, I thought, and this one is pretty epic, I thought. Then, DOLPHINS! Like, totes the small gregarious toothed whale with the beaklike snout and curved fin and sociable nature and high intelligence and adorable habit of leaping around the waves like […]

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Southern Africa Doing a Bang-Up Job at Animal Conservation

National Post – All of Mozambique’s remaining rhinos killed by poachers Johannesburg – The last known rhinoceroses in Mozambique have been wiped out by poachers apparently working in cahoots with the game rangers responsible for protecting them. The 15 threatened animals were shot dead for their horns last month in the Mozambican part of Great […]

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Puggle! Puggle! Puggle!

Echidna Puggle at Taronga Zoo Curtsy: io9, after the video, click through for the punchline.

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXC

I love Zara Phillips, really I do, and not in a ridiculous “Zomg she’s nearly a princess!” sort of way, but in a “Gosh she’s cool, and so talented, and so nice seeming, and just like a real person,” but still, this is really, really funny. From a tweet, which said: This Guardian picture caption […]

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Giddy-Up, Hoss

Cowboys! Horses! Photos of! Daily Mail – The last cowboys: Stunning black and white images show a rugged and romantic piece of Americana as it clings on for survival Click through for the rest of ’em.

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Peter Recommends CXXXIX

In the annals of REALLY BAD IDEAS: io9 – Secret Histories: China’s Worst Self-Inflicted Environmental Disaster: The Campaign to Wipe Out the Common Sparrow To wit: Back in the 1950s, China was going through its Great Leap Forward, an effort to transform China from a largely agrarian nation to a thriving industrial Marxist powerhouse. DOT. […]

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April Fools: Christmas For the Internet

Oh how I love today in the internet age. Winners: Warby Barker. Eyeglasses for dogs. Click around. Look at the product pages. This is love. Google Maps 8-bit for NES. Video introduction made me weep with joy (I want to hug everyone in Google Japan for this): There were certainly very many, but my personal […]

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Meet the Mimic Octopus

This is amazing (but ignore the idiotic American-style narration):

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REAL TEARS: A Dog’s Seeing Eye Dog

/wails 22 Words – A dog’s seeing eye dog CLICK THROUGH TO SEE ALL THE PICTUUUUUUUURES

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In Which Cranes Are Grounded By the FAA

Good lord: AP – Bird plane runs afoul of federal regulators Ten young whooping cranes and the bird-like plane they think is their mother had flown more than halfway to their winter home in Florida when federal regulators stepped in. Now the birds and the plane are grounded in Alabama while the Federal Aviation Administration […]

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