Sniffle XLXIV: Morning Commute Edition

A man in Perth gets his leg wedged between the train and the platform, and ERRBODY rushes to help with their own brute strength (rather than shutting the rail system down all day until men in hi-viz jackets, hardhats and walkie-talkies arrive to dismantle the thing at enormous public cost, as one would imagine happening […]

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Sniffle XLXIII: A Bright Light in a Bad Situation Edition

I’ve often rhapsodized on the wonder of plucky, western Australia (and New Zealand, yes) floating around in the middle of a big ocean surrounded by…well, the sorts of countries that the families of the lost flight MH370 have had to deal with for the past two and a half weeks (at the time of writing). […]

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Happy (One-Day Belated) Australia Day!

(Even if to Australians it’s been at least two days by now but never mind all that)

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The Ashes!

(I like putting the !-mark at the end of that; makes it seem a bit like a west end musical) So, if anyone needs an open thread in this ghost town of a blog, do please let this be it. But, mostly, here is where I plan on finally figuring out how to read this […]

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Musical Interlude!

Via Brett McS, who knows me, what can I say: Ali Mills – Waltjim Bat Matilda In the first minute or so, I was confused, and had to look her up in Wiki, at which point all was made clear: Her Kriol version of “Waltzing Matilda” sung in her Gurindji-Kungarakan language (written by her great […]

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Freaky Australian Weather Correspondent Brett McS Sends Us the Following Video

Giant Waterspout Batemans Bay Australia Brett files the following report: “Dude!” a) One wonders if it’s an entirely good idea to keep driving towards it. b) It’s funny how freaked out I got getting the rear-passenger POV on a right hand drive car. It kept making me nervous that they were turning into the wrong […]

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Catholic Beefcake

Daily Mail – A win and a prayer: Devout Catholic rugby star shows off the tattoos he hopes will keep the man upstairs on his side Truly, this story brings all good things together: New Zealanders, Australia, rugby studliness, ‘n God. He’s the sort of guy you’d be proud to have on a poster in […]

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Puggle! Puggle! Puggle!

Echidna Puggle at Taronga Zoo Curtsy: io9, after the video, click through for the punchline.

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXXXVII

Carlton Draught – Beer Chase

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Mark Steyn’s Speaking Tour

I’ve had this open for a few weeks and it’s worth finally linking to: The Spectator (Australia) – Silence this infidel Mark Steyn’s recent appearances in Australia remind us why he’s a world leader in defending free speech, by Rowan Dean

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The Sweet and Kind Melbourne Girl

This news makes me happy. Especially when you see what the runners up were (the bottom two I’ve never heard in my life). Top points if you recognize the reference in the title.

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Your Mother-Nature-Is-Trying-To-Kill-You-In-Ever-Increasingly-Original-Ways Moment of the Day, Golf Course Edition:

Daily Mail – Now that’s what you call a water hazard! Flooding brings killer sharks to golf course At the 14th tee at the Carbrook Golf Club, Brisbane, a dozen man-eating bullsharks are waiting to swallow any lost balls and the sight of their fins poking through the water has even made the place a […]

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Super Skippy!

Eagle-eyed baby-animal-and-science enthusiast Brett McS actually sent this a couple of days ago so apologies if this has already been celebrated the internet over. The New Scientist – Resurrected ancient protein is a potent antibiotic As marsupials, wallabies give birth to young at a much earlier stage in their development than placental mammals. For example, […]

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Double Plus One!

Brett McS sent me an email. And boy howdy, what an email. About Australia. Western Australia, to be less general. After a rainstorm, to be ever more precise. But before I could brush off ye olde image uploader, however, RC2 beat me to it. So I’ll save myself the resizing and just link: Wheat & […]

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Holy Eocene Holdover, Batman!

Photos and story of what apparently is perfectly normal, in Australia, over at RC2’s place.

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