Screw You, Sirius XM

I hate satellite radio. I hate the idea of (like cable on-demand) a product you’re paying for (via advertising or subscription) sucking so much that you’d “opt-in” to pay more to make it less shitty. Sorry, but that’s what it is: Cable, Radio, 3D films (that last one’s a joke)… But I like the BBC […]

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A Selection of Riot Links

Just some stuff I’ve read today that I found all worth reading: Prospect – David Goodhart: The riots at the end of history Guardian – Deborah Orr: UK riots: society must change fundamentally if we are to move on We must put aside petty political squabbles and find a way to give everyone a stake […]

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A Matter of Cash: It’s Come To This

Business Insider – Apple Now Has More Cash Than The U.S. Government According to the latest daily statement from the U.S. Treasury, the government had an operating cash balance of $73.8 billion at the end of the day yesterday. Apple’s last earnings report showed that the company had $76.2 billion in cash and marketable securities […]

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A (Slightly) New Angle on Hollywood and Politics

It’s kind of hard to convey the newness of the angle in a short excerpt, but if you read the whole thing it (at least struck me as) a very subtly shift from the usual narrative (get it?!) about Hollywood and politics. Telegraph Blogs – Tim Stanley: Why conservatives can’t make it in Hollywood No, […]

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The Murdoch Apologia

In the Spectator: ‘Simon Jenkins, now a Guardian columnist, wrote before the current horrors that Murdoch ‘is the best thing that ever happened to the British media and they hate it.’ He was right. There are obviously many things wrong with Murdoch’s group, but without his epic victory over the print unions in the 1980s, […]

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Delta, Delta, Delta

Two days ago I found myself holding my nose through a line at Starbucks (you might remember this article from many moons ago which completely turned me off to that little brand), plus the women driving protest last week, and now this (and note the language (“we’re not the only ones doing this so don’t […]

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Steve’s Second Keynote: The Mothership

Come for the awesomeness of Steve Jobs dropping in on Cupertino city hall. Stay for the worst attempt at a corporate shakedown in HISTORY: For context, Google, 10 minutes up the freeway, provides Mountain View, next town over from Cupertino, with free public wifi, but I’ve never gotten it to work. I love that this […]

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Peter Recommends CXXXIII

A tale of money, intrigue, and flies: Amazon’s $23,698,655.93 book about flies

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Here’s Another Reason I Don’t Blog About Anything Anymore

The Times, my precious Times, is behind a paywall and rather strict about people reproducing too much outside the paywall. And I feel bad linking to everything inside the paywall because I know nobody pays for it. But I pay, and I think it’s worth it. But that’s okay, whatever. Then there are articles like […]

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Awesome: The Last Few Weeks I Missed Recapped In Political Cartoons!

These appeared in a lovely long ad-free row in Google Reader, alas: The Corner – Cartoon of the Day, by KLo There are actually 28. My fav, for its poignancy:

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Poor Pub

I’ve had this open for an age so I’ll finally link to it now: The Economist – Time, gentlemen An elegy on the British pub, by our obituaries editor The church can go, long since the preserve of a flower-arranging few; the local shop can go, since the distant hypermarket’s cheapness is worth the petrol; […]

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Newspapers and EVERYTHING Else in the LRB

I have had this open for ages and it’s so extensive that I can’t even begin to quote from it. It’s a lovely quick read though, considering, and very interesting: London Review of Books – Let Us Pay John Lanchester on the future of the newspaper industry Seriously, read it. It’s very interesting. Just start […]

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Say You’re At Stanford…

I finally got around to reading in full a column by Teddy Dalrymple on the Pope that RC2 linked to the other day. Since I do love a point-proving hypothetical: It is universally accepted that step-fathers, for example, are many times more likely to commit both physical and sexual abuse against children than biological fathers; […]

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The FCC’s Dystopian Alternate Past: Microsoft BOB

I think this is really quite genius. He must’ve been working on it for quite some time cuz there are a lot of really subtle touches: Slate – If the FCC Had Regulated the Internet A counterfactual history of cyberspace. By Jack Shafer I love how sites are called “channels”. I love how Larry and […]

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Don’t Bring Up Rule Of Law: The Journalists Will Only Get Flustered

Wheat & Weeds – Too Big To Heal Here’s a story outrageous eight ways to Sunday. McDonald’s is probably going to drop its health care coverage thanks to Obamacare. We won’t rehearse the abomination that program is to individual health and the health of the republic. But get this. McDonald’s is asking for a rule […]

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