The Great White North and Land of Unexpected Phrasing

A hilarious bit from a Mark Steyn article I barely didn’t link to the other day: In 1993, government spending averaged 52.2 percent in Europe, and 70.9 percent in Sweden. The Swedes have reduced government spending (as a fraction of GDP) by almost a third in the last 15 years. Their corporate tax rates are […]

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Promoting Sport Values at the Olympics

Telegraph – Canadian women’s ice hockey team apologise for beer and cigars on ice The all-conquering Canadian women’s ice hockey team has apologised after players celebrated winning Olympic gold by quaffing champagne and beer, and smoking cigars, on the ice. Victorious players emerged from the dressing room, still in their uniforms and with gold medals […]

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So I Was Just Watching, Slightly Incredulous, “Nordic Combined”…

National Post: The Winter Games in particular are a hotbed of weirdness. You say that not enough women play hockey internationally to make it legitimate? How about the sport of nordic combined, in which participants both cross-country ski and ski jump? Are there leagues devoted to the pursuit of such an odd combination of skills […]

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John Babcock, Aged 109

National Post – Last known Canadian First World War veteran dies, aged 109

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Now I’m Actually Excited About the Olympics

This is awesome: BBC Sport – 2010 Winter Olympics Inuit Animation It almost makes me wish I had cable so I could watch on the CBC instead of *spit* NBC *spit spit*.

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Yay The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra!

National Post – Symphony refuses to mime at Olympics VANCOUVER — The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra refused an invitation to record music for the Vancouver 2010 opening ceremonies because VANOC wanted other musicians to “mime” the live performance. VSO conductor Bramwell Tovey was asked to conduct the recording session, but was told another conductor would perform […]

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The Travels of Jennifer Lynch

National Post – Adrian MacNair: Jennifer Lynch gets human rights advice from Cuba, Kyrgyzstan The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has revealed the costly travel expenses of Chief Commissar Jennifer Lynch, as she went abroad to consult dignitaries from such beacons of human rights as Cuba. In travels to Geneva, Dublin, Copenhagen, Malaysia, and Vienna, Lynch racked […]

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Coincidences, the Alberta Prairies and BBC Scotland

Telegraph – Geraint Woolford, meet Geraint Woolford…<br/> From D-Day codewords to the only two men with a particular name meeting in hospital, life is full of staggering coincidences, says Nigel Farndale. Did you see the story about the only two men in Britain called Geraint Woolford, who ended up in neighbouring beds in the same […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXXIV

Curtsy: Wheat & Weeds, I’m pretty sure. click to enlarge! I love the first step the most. “Are you in Canada?” “Yes.” “Tim Hortons.”

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Fluffing Chinese Ambitions

Stephen Harper’s in China and Conrad Black has some interesting advice for him, but first: National Post – Conrad Black: Between empires In China, as in other traditionally non-Western countries, such as Russia and Japan (largely westernized as they are), there is a tension between the nativists and the Western emulators. To the minimal extent […]

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Oh Canada: Now Advertising a Land of Non-Barbarianisms

I’ve had these three articles filed away in my Google reader for a couple weeks, so apologies if it’s old news, but here they are in the order I found them… National Post – Father Raymond de Souza: Immigration and values Jason Kenney, the Citizenship and Immigration minister, told National Post columnist Father Raymond de […]

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Western Journalists Making Friends Abroad

National Post – David Akin: Now we know why Stephen Harper doesn’t like you, Indian media tells Canadian counterparts Apparently, we — the Canadian media travelling with Prime Minister Stephen Harper this week — ruffled a few feathers during our three days here. Here is a review of our coverage written by Sarabjit Jagirdar and […]

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And Who's Gonna Burn the Park

National Post – Alberta opposes Parks Canada plan to bring bison back to Banff Parks Canada wants a home where buffalo can roam. They’ve got their eyes on scenic Banff, Alta., but the Alberta government is cool to the idea. The recently released draft of the Banff National Park Management Plan calls for the reintroduction […]

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Hockey and Universal Health Care: Oh Would This Joy Be Mine

Chris Selley’s Full Pundit in Canada’s National Post on November 4: Your H1N1 outrage of the day Queue-jumping! In Canada! Can you imagine? The Calgary Herald’s Don Braid considers it “absurd” and utterly unforgivable that as Alberta’s public vaccination campaign ground to an ignominious halt, the pampered millionaires of the Calgary Flames, and their families, […]

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History Keeps Getting Pithier and Pithier

National Post – Matt Gurney: Let the children sing O Canada Anyone who’s flipped through a Canadian social science textbook any time over the last 20 years knows what I’m talking about. According to the approved official version of events, Canadian history goes something like this: White people arrived and brutally destroyed the advanced and […]

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