Jerusalem (The Non-Allegorical One)

A guy goes through Jerusalem filming musicians and mashes them together. I think it’s quite pretty.

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The Provincial Avant Garde

Checking in on Japan… The Economist – Japan’s recovery: Who needs leaders? The aftermath of the March 11th disasters shows that Japan’s strengths lie outside Tokyo, in its regions Read the whole thing, but two bits stand out. First the intro, comparing Tokyo at the center of the country with its provinces: THE earthquake, tsunami […]

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Steve’s Second Keynote: The Mothership

Come for the awesomeness of Steve Jobs dropping in on Cupertino city hall. Stay for the worst attempt at a corporate shakedown in HISTORY: For context, Google, 10 minutes up the freeway, provides Mountain View, next town over from Cupertino, with free public wifi, but I’ve never gotten it to work. I love that this […]

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Ffffun Facts!

I almost went with another alliterative title but decided that would would appear quite enough in the below quoted Mark Steyn post, which I’ve found rather fascinating (and no, I didn’t know any of this either): Foreskin Man is America’s newest superhero, the creation of Matthew Hess and his group MGMBill, the enlightened Californian progressives […]

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Not Sure What This Has To Do With the Big Bopper Going Down in a Plane Crash

But I’d say the song carries it: The Grand Rapids LipDub – American Pie (And I do love a marching band. And fireworks. And, well, it is awfully cool.) Curtsy: John J Miller.

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“A Reason to Travel”, Indeed

(Sorry about yesterday but, well, TGIF and all that) HalfEmpty sent this to me and I think it’s pretty darned cool (spending money on walking! and not biking! hurrah!): Reuters – Floating path on London’s Thames gets $100 mln nod London Mayor Boris Johnson said the kilometre-long pontoon design, known as “the London River Park”, […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLX

Last night’s Daily Show opener was sublime. Perfect in every way. I’d embed it but they split the opener into three parts to easier to just sit through the double ad and watch up to the first ad break. Beautiful.

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Nearly Half of New York Won’t Exist Soon

I won’t bother re-quoting, just read this: Enough! 64 Percent of New Yorkers Say a 41 Percent Abortion Rate Is Too High

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Unfinished London

Unfinished London – A Documentary by Jay Foreman and Paul Kendler I love the way he uses Google Maps. I love the pacing. I love everything about this. I was once stuck watching local TV and there was some lady in a felt hat and those duck-shaped comfortable leather walking boots giving a tour of […]

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On 1st Class Rail Travel & Corporate Shuttles

So those of you with an eye on Twitter will have noticed I took the train up to San Francisco for a movie yesterday. On the train, I was thinking about something I spend a lot of time thinking about but a new thought occurred to me. So, no one in the Bay Area takes […]

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Enemy at Noah’s Gates

Hehehehe: Wheat & Weeds – Now THIS Is Blatant Anti-Semitism I love that Apple’s can always be trusted to translate the Yiddishisms.

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I Wanna Retweet This SO BAD

From @wheatweeds: Dang. Now we have to let him put it in Manhattan. If I RT that, heads would explode. Which would be great, but I’m chickening out anyway.

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXLVI

Yesterday as I was pulling into Target, Radio 1 (still have the free Sirius radio in my car) played Jay Z’s Empire State of Mind, which is a very good song, but which I didn’t need to have in my head all day (especially as I mostly just loop the Alicia Keys bits over and […]

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Ba’ath House

This amuses the heck outta me: Greg Gutfeld of Fox News Channel and The Daily Gut has proposed the best response yet to Park51, a.k.a. Cordoba House, the 13-story “community center” and mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero: “I am planning to build and open the first gay bar that caters not only to […]

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A Week of No Good News

I’m not in a particularly good mood today and the weather (hot, muggy, stagnant) isn’t helping. Neither is this: [Charles Krauthammer] On Robert Gibbs refusing to comment on the planned mosque at Ground Zero because it’s a “local” issue: It’s no more a local issue than 9/11 was a local New York event. That’s a […]

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