Meanwhile, What We Used to Care About

It’s Friday again! Time to go to church and hear about God’s love for his flock (à la iranienne)! Times Online – Hardliner says Iran protesters should be punished ‘without mercy’ A hardline cleric seen as a mouthpiece of the Iranian regime today demanded that opposition demonstrators be punished “without mercy”. Even as Ayatollah Ahmad […]

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Trading Diplomats and the Neda Effect

Times Online – ‘Outraged’ Brown and Obama condemn Iran as election crisis worsens Mr Obama said: “I strongly condemn these unjust actions, and I join with the American people in mourning each and every innocent life that is lost.” He called accusations that Britain and the US was instigating huge protests against Mr Ahmadinejad and […]

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My Burgeoning Iran File

Twitter’s amazing. Everything comes in at little informative snippets. Perfect for blogging while exiled from one’s precious iMac. But I haven’t installed the new update for cut and paste, and even if I did I feel like it wouldn’t be an ideal blogging solution. So I have this huge file of stuff I send to […]

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Ataka Lapt

Macleans – Mark Steyn on why the fascists are winning in Europe<br/> In bad times, if the political culture forbids respectable politicians from raising certain issues, voters will turn to unrespectable ones Apparently the third largest bloc of seats in the EU parliament is made up of little tiny individual representatives of little tiny individual […]

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Wondering Who'll Be the First Against the Wall

Telegraph Blogs – Nile Gardiner: The Iranian election: Barack Obama’s cowardly silence The Obama administration’s response to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s fraudulent election victory is cowardly, lily-livered and wrong. The White House’s refusal to officially question the result or even condemn the brutal suppression of opposition protestors, is undermining America’s standing as a global power, and is […]

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More Protesters Than Tea

Oh wow: Times Online – Tens of thousands defy ban to march in Tehran in support of Mousavi I haven’t even begun to go through the Twitters. Apparently one of the founders of Twitter looked into the one Iranian Twitterer that’s making the most waves and verified he’s actually legit. The founder did this! And […]

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Whither the Squishy Left?

The Times – What happened to the Left’s moment?<br/> Across Europe, social democratic parties are in retreat, as parties of the right advance. Failures of leadership are to blame [T]he trends across Europe in the elections turned out to be striking. This should have been the Centre Left’s big moment. And yet it wasn’t. While […]

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Huge Apathy

Headline: BBC – EU nations await huge vote result Body: All 736 European Parliament seats are up for grabs, though it is feared that turnout will hit a new low. (I mean, I get what they’re saying, that it’s the most wide-spread election in the EU’s history, but I saw that headline and thought “Oh […]

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The Obama Doctrine

The Times – Barack Obama is blind to his blunders over Islam<br/> The new President’s approach discourages change in Middle Eastern countries that need it most, by Amir Taheri Obama has aroused more curiosity in the Middle East than any previous US leader, partly because of his Arabic-Islamic first and middle names. The choice of […]

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Look Who's Improving Our Standing in the World and Relationship With Allies Again

Somebody emails Jonathan Adler at The Corner some interesting news: Originally, Obama was supposed to appoint Joseph Nye, a political scientist from Harvard, as ambassador to Japan. This rumor, which clearly came from the Obama administration, was widely publicized in the Japanese media. The Japanese were very pleased, and liked the fact that Nye was […]

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Beware the 4th of June

Telegraph Blogs (yes, I am catching up) – Adrian Michaels: It’s all going off on June 4 The elections for the European parliament are that day, so stand by for the rise of the extremists and the meltdown of the British Labour Expeditionary Force. Barack Obama is in Cairo on June 4, giving his huge […]

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2009: The Year of Alan Titchmarsh

The Times – What’s coming the world’s way in 2009<br/> Recession or recovery, general election or not? More intolerance, fewer workaholics? We predict the year ahead Libby Purves A cultural prediction: recession will bring revulsion at the sour aggressive tone of the affluent years, as audiences demand gentleness and warmth. Affable comedy will outsell sneers; […]

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WaPo's Glory Days: If Only We'd Noticed

Wheat & Weeds – I Truly Regret Mark Felt’s Passing ‘Cause now we’re going to have to read about Watergate and its Significance and the Loss of American Innocence. Again. As if the Washington “Remember when we brought down a President?” Post didn’t already use any excuse at all to relive its glory days. Sigh. […]

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A Tale of Two Tall Tales

Fox News seems to have picked up on a story RC2 had days ago: Planned Parenthood Tells ‘Teen’: Lie To Get an Abortion A college student posing as a pregnant 13-year-old was told at a Planned Parenthood clinic to lie about the age of her baby’s father to skirt Indiana laws on parental consent for […]

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Electoral Math: 6.2% vs. 1.4%

American Digest – The Gay Cowards Parades Picking fights with African-Americans just isn’t the done thing — especially in the penumbra of good feelings the election cast across the landscape. The linchpin of the gay agenda has always been the tenuous linking between the gay experience and the African-American experience. Nothing can be allowed to […]

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