The Books of [2012 and] 2013!

(2012 is getting included as I skipped out on doing this last year) Unlike virtuous, self-improving people with social lives like RC2, I tend to stick to novels, and I tend to be a pretty easy mark on books so if I read something about one or read an interview with an author suddenly I […]

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Thankful for PIE

And other things, but why itemize them here. So this year I’ve four pies, and I thought I would itemize those: 1. Pecan Pie, from the Fanny Farmer Cookbook. I’ve replaced the corn syrup with brown rice syrup, and a tablespoon of black treacle for colour. Don’t tell anyone. 2. Brit + Co: The Ultimate […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCCVI

I got this via RC2‘s Twitter feed, and it is… superb. Just Put the F*cking Turkey in the Oven Best line. “You don’t need to baste it. Go for a walk.” <break; turns the camera back on for an afterthought> “I said go for a walk. You need to make sure your oven is on.” […]

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Protesting Starbucks: The Celebrity Chef Edition

So I listened to Jamie Oliver’s appearance on BBC’s Woman’s Hour last week, which is about 22 minutes long, it’s the first segment, and it’s very interesting, especially this bit towards the end: JO: This recession is NOT going like everyone says, I can tell you that. Jane Garvey: What do you base that on? […]

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Meanwhile, In Yorkshire

If you’re in a bad mood, look at this man with his onion: Here’s the story: Digital Spy – The world’s heaviest onion – picture Peter Glazebrook’s prize-winning onion weighed in at 18lb 1oz, beating his previous record of 17lb 5oz set last year at the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show. … Glazebrook took a total […]

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Read Thy Comics

I’m catching up on Reader and, oh damn this is creepy (from April 9): xkcd what if? – Pressure Cooker Also, on April 14 (the day before the Boston Marathon), the Sunday Times had a piece on the charming leadership of Chechnya: Moscow crime ring run by Chechen police A GROUP of armed thugs accused […]

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My Saint Patrick’s Day

Well, I made Irish Soda Bread, so that was a thing. But I had a smoothie for lunch, and made an English-ish lamb recipe for dinner. With an apple cider sauce (not Guinness). And bought (and then sampled) a new bottle of sherry, this time with a royal warrant for the King of Spain (in […]

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The Times! They Suck!

Hello! I still live! I think the Twitter thing on here has been mostly broken so I understand if many of you haven’t seen evidence otherwise but it is true, I haven’t disappeared off the face of the ridiculous little planet upon which we live. See, and I’ve said this before, but there was a […]

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As Any Kitchen Pr0n Addict Would Know

I know this kitchen. I know it intimately, if a little virtually. It’s Jamie Oliver’s. Or else Jamie Oliver’s been pretending big time: Liberty London Girl – Behind the Scenes on the Sainsbury’s LLG Recipe Shoot for the May Issue Because we were shooting in a private home… She says, as if it hasn’t already […]

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Cuz You Know This Is a Guaranteed Sale

I have no need for Cinnamon Sugar Spiced Pecans, but: “Mashuga Nuts” A few lines from the packaging: “A nut your mother will love” “The chosen pecan” “Oy… Ingredients so good we had to pay retail!” “Delivered by Schlemiels on Wheels” (I love that my phone knew to autocomplete Schlemiel) “Novato, CA 94949 What… You […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXXVII

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Nando’s: Last dictator standing

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In Which I Feel Smug About My Weekend Plans

Whenever I plan holidays and things, I always have an image in my head of things going like they always seem to do in travel magazines or Sunset: Well-appointed but reasonably priced independently run lodgings, organic, locally-sourced food served in whimsical settings, one or two big-name tourist traps just to punctuate the trip, and everything […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXXV

RC2 is making me laugh: Wheat & Weeds – At Random Come for the Neiman Marcus joke. Stay for the exercise punch line.

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I like this (photo slideshow): [NYT – The Food Issue: Why Should Families Eat Together?)[

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXX

May I link to something that is as hilarious as it is foul-mouthed? Please read it anyway, for it is HAH-larious: Craigslist – $1000 Best. Roommate. Ever. Meanwhile, I’m winding down the last two weeks of my time at you-know-which-internet-company and so I’m maxing out my hours while I can, hence the even-lighter-blogging than usual. […]

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