Poverty Confidential

Anthony Bourdain realizes made-for-TV charitable gimmicks can get complicated when surrounded by real poverty, and Sean Penn lives on the side of a mountain in Haiti and actually has some rare truths to share? Surely this must necessitate a new reality show! Wheat & Weeds – Help For Haiti Paved With Good Intentions

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Rebekah… Coming Soon in a Reasonably Priced Car?

Jeremy Clarkson’s on rather fine form tomorrow: The Sunday Times – Okay, I’ll come clean on Rebekah and the Chipping Norton plot I’ve kept quiet for six months but now I feel the time is right to tell all. What Rebekah and Cameron talked about most of all is sausage rolls I love the bit […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXVI

I actually saw this yesterday but I’ve woken up with random bits of it stuck in my head, making me laugh: Whole Foods Parking Lot

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Vintage Puds!

This has been described in my Twitter as a blog about “old-fashioned WI cakes”: THE VINTAGE CAKE SPOT PS: I’m still going through the dozens of Twitter items I set aside from the weekend and the hundreds of unread items in the “Read First” (hah!) folder of my Google Reader. Baby steps!

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I Read This; I Become HUNGRY

Cream tea wars: Does British food need protecting? Cornish pasties! Cumberland sausages! Clotted cream on scones with tea, oh my!

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Happy Memorial Day

Yesterday was the barbecue. Today I’m spending studying to get my dang California drivers license back tomorrow. TEN YEARS I held on to that dang thing as I bounced around the country. JUST TWO YEARS AGO I finally gave in and got a Washington license. Tch. And digging a hole. I hope to spend some […]

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Cats With Thumbs

A silly ad, but I love it:

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From .5MT to RC2

Half emailed me this this morning, asking me to pass it along, but it’s so juicy I have to post it m’self: GlobalWarming.org – Can Tomatoes Take Any More Global Warming? Heh.

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Lady, If Your Kid Eats It, It IS the Next Best Thing to a Candy Bar

Jeez. Curtsy: RC2.

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I’d Like to Thank My Mother and Dr King For Making This Day Possible

<br/><br/> I had the day off today (Peter didn’t haha) and my mother took Baby for a walk in the warm January sunshine so I did some dishes, got my car washed, did some shopping and had a “strawberry romanoff” from La Baguette, pictured.

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Peter Recommends CXXIX

Industrial kitchens are CRAZY. Vincent Talleu: Croissants I’ve made croissants before (it turned out well but was definitely one of those things that, having done it, I’m happy to let others do it for me) and he’s actually doing it right. These ain’t no (or shouldn’t be no) limp supermarket pastries.

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLIV

Brief note: I love the Sunday Times iPad app. Honestly, everybody should subscribe to the paywall (it’s not that hard paying, oh children of the interweb), buy an iPad (I mean you should all have one of these anyway; just ask Half) download each edition of the Sunday Times free with your paywall subscription and […]

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Christmas Confession:

I really, really want to eat at a Chinese restaurant on Christmas day some time, just to see what it’s really like. Does that make me a bad Catholic? A tourist of American Judaism? Or maybe I’m just not that keen on Turkey and Ham and am subconsciously latching onto a segment of the population […]

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Tofu is Tofu

Amen sister. Menuism – Tofu is Tofu–Not Meat!, by Kanako Noda

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Some of you may remember a few weeks ago my TOTAL FREAKOUT on Twitter when Janice Dickinson posted pictures of the ducklings and chicks that hatched from the eggs her son incubated. Eggs from Sainsbury’s. Organic eggs, out of a refrigerator, intended for cracking into a frying pan. BEGAT LIFE. Well she’s written about the […]

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