Already These Olympics Are GREAT

And no I’m not watching, I’m just on Twitter. But to illustrate in more than 140 characters (less the short url for an epic photo), Mark Steyn posted this, written during the Salt Lake City Olympics what with the corruption and vote rigging and whatnot: For all that pious guff about not tainting the “Olympic […]

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Good News From Iran!

NYT – Iran’s President, in New York, Says Israelis Have No Mideast Roots Defying a warning by the United Nations secretary general against inflammatory remarks, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran said Monday that Israelis had no historical roots in the Middle East and that the existence of Israel was just a passing phase in the […]

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The Cercei Lannisters of the Free World

Oh jeez: NRO – Mark Steyn (from 2 weeks ago): Pipe Dreams (File under: Principles, China, and Bullet-Ridden Feet)

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Mitt Romney Vs the Olympics: “Kiss My Ass, Show Some Respect” Indeed

Read this: Telegraph Blogs – Tim Stanley: NBC’s Olympic coverage has been a damning indictment of outdated monopoly media Especially this line: As global diplomacy goes, the network makes Mitt Romney look like Henry Kissinger. Then remember this classic from Mark Steyn, writing about how impartial our MSM is and why we rubes should rely […]

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World Is Ending, Etc Etc

I’m not sure what I think about this: The Guardian – It is not inevitable that the EU – or democracy – will survive this mess Europe may well muddle through with technocrats and tighter straitjackets, but the rule of the people must be guarded, by Simon Jenkins

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A Decade of 9/11: Conspiracies

Slate is running a really interesting series on conspiracies. I’m pulling out a quote from the introduction, but there are links to all the sections at the top of the articles should you wish to peruse further. Slate – Where Were You When You First Heard? The other question I asked myself for the 10th […]

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Imagine If There Was No 60s

Woah: Wheat & Weeds – Imagine Even Lennon Knew “Imagine” Was A Crock

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Stuxnet: Anatomy of a(n Open Source) Computer Virus

Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus from Patrick Clair on Vimeo. I love stuff like this.

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More On the Arab “February”

The Corner – Daniel Pipes: ‘Arab Spring’: Misnomer I never use this term, and for three reasons: I’ll just quote two. 1. It’s seasonally inaccurate. The disturbances began in Tunisia on Dec. 17, 2010, at the very tail end of autumn, and the main events took place during the winter — Ben Ali’s resignation on […]

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Accidental Advertising

In my Google Reader, at the end of this Power Line post of photos of protests against Obama (re: the wee Libyan war we find outselves in) across the Muslim world, Google throws me this ad: /giggle

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Puns, Meet Your River in Egypt

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Excellent line to look out for: “Yes I do not think they’re in that league” BOO YARGH. On everything else: “If you look at history and remember, I’m a historian, MOST revolutions lead not to happy-clappy democracy but periods of internal turmoil, periods […]

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Codename “Rubes”

Sweet, but kinda alarming, unless we really, really get that there are people being hypocritical out there: The Times – The secret’s out: the Yanks are a force for good David Aaronovitch When this whole thing started at the weekend it was billed as a series of tales of damage and scandal concerning the United […]

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Blair vs Hitch Resolving For Religion

National Post – Holy Post (heh): The role of religion: Hitchens to face Blair in Munk debates …Friday’s sold-out Munk Debate in Toronto between former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and renowned atheist and journalist Christopher Hitchens. The motion is: “Be it resolved, religion is a force for good in the world.” In this post-9/11 […]

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Trains! Across the WORLD! Edition

The Times (£) – From Beijing to London in 48hrs? Now that’s a great rail journey High-speed technology and investment is about to make railways competitive again. Bargain airlines may have made previously forgotten cities accessible but security and congested skies have added hours to the journey. Trains can offer greater comfort, more space and […]

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“The West Was Focused Not on the Iranian People But on the Role of Western Technology”

Proving the West cares only about the world when it means admiring itself, in the Guardian.

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