Blair vs Hitch Resolving For Religion

National Post – Holy Post (heh): The role of religion: Hitchens to face Blair in Munk debates …Friday’s sold-out Munk Debate in Toronto between former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and renowned atheist and journalist Christopher Hitchens. The motion is: “Be it resolved, religion is a force for good in the world.” In this post-9/11 […]

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Ugh, I haven’t seen all these in such condensed form lately: On President Obama’s failure to seal a free-trade deal with South Korea: Whenever a president walks into a room with another head of state and he walks out empty-handed — he’s got a failure on his hands. And this was self-inflicted. With Obama it’s […]

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Trains! Across the WORLD! Edition

The Times (£) – From Beijing to London in 48hrs? Now that’s a great rail journey High-speed technology and investment is about to make railways competitive again. Bargain airlines may have made previously forgotten cities accessible but security and congested skies have added hours to the journey. Trains can offer greater comfort, more space and […]

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“The West Was Focused Not on the Iranian People But on the Role of Western Technology”

Proving the West cares only about the world when it means admiring itself, in the Guardian.

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Hitch Profiled

National Post – Christopher Hitchens: An Orwell for our time The mark of Hitchens’ courage is a willingness to take his convictions wherever they carry him. Most popular pundits are tribal in their outlook. They will drench the page with their tears if Americans or Israelis perpetrate some real or imagined outrage in Gaza, Iraq […]

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From a Couple of Years’ Retirement Age in Greece to a Nuked-Up Fourth Reich in a Couple of Sentences

Liberals should like this argument tho. It’s all about interconnectedness: PJM – VDH: The New Old German Problem [W]hat will happen with Germany, when it is lectured by the French, insulted by its debtor dependencies in southern Europe, and starting to become angry that only its own work ethic and productivity—not some grandiose platitudes about […]

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Complicating My Dreams of an Expat Life

And yet making that one-way to NZ that much less complicated… TIME – Why More U.S. Expatriates Are Turning In Their Passports. By Helena Bachmann While a small number of Americans hand in their passports each year for political reasons, the new surge in permanent expatriations is mainly because of taxes. Considering that an estimated […]

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A Pro-Life Democrat Is Worth Only $726,409 of Airport Money

Airport money. AIRPORT MONEY. Here are a couple of things of RC2′s I was reading in very wee hours and feeling really, very low about: Stupak Caves: Watching the presser as I type in which he swallows the Executive Order hocus pocus. A week ago I was prepared to eat crow and be proud of […]

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The Committee In Charge of Promoting Sport Values at the Olympics

WaPo – IOC failing in its responsibility to the Olympics, by Sally Jenkins As the Vancouver Games come to a close, International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge will call them a success. But it’s the IOC — so incubated in blue blazers, five-star accommodations, and shellfish buffets — that requires real assessment. Exactly what should […]

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Christian Martyrs, Redux

Der Spiegel – Christianity’s Modern-Day Martyrs The rise of Islamic extremism is putting increasing pressure on Christians in Muslim countries, who are the victims of murder, violence and discrimination. Christians are now considered the most persecuted religious group around the world. Paradoxically, their greatest hope could come from moderate political Islam. By SPIEGEL staff. One […]

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To Go With My NBC-Induced Gnashing-of-Teeth

A golden (get it?!) oldie from Mark Steyn, from New Criterion, September, 2007: The same networks which offer drearily parochial coverage of the Olympics to the point where you’d barely know there were any other countries competing except as exotic background extras in a Team USA victory parade insist after the commercial break that in […]

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American Decline, Where Neither the Second Amendment Nor the Caliphate Can Save Us

Mark Steyn – THE SEDUCTIONS OF DECLINE I don’t even know where to begin quoting this (RC2, who is probably better at hiding her straight razors than I, quoted it fairly extensively – and thoughtfully! – here, and as testament to the resilience of her state of mind, she manages to wade through a similarly-themed […]

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Quick, Read This!

I’ve had a busy day of sitting places reading stuff on my phone. So much read, but no time to sit at the computer and link to any of it properly… So here, RC2 has a HUGE post on pretty much everything Copenhagen (with videos!): Wheat & Weeds – “I Tried To Tell Them….” That’ll […]

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Norway, 2009. The US President Steps Up to the Podium to Collect His Peace Prize When… ALIENS ATTACK!

Here’s the president’s speech yesterday, taken apart piece by piece, analyzed, criticized, and put back together again: Wheat & Weeds – Will The Norwegians Think Twice? There, that was easy.

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Western Union's Gonna Need Bigger Pages

OC Register – Mark Steyn: A leader of the free world not to be feared The tireless Anne Bayefsky reported this week that the administration’s latest response to Iran’s nuclear provocations is to “start shifting our focus to the track of pressure.” It’s a good thing the diplomatic cable is a mostly metaphorical concept these […]

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