Chickens! In Versailles!

A la Française | Graduation movie from Supinfocom Arles 2012 A la Française from à la Française on Vimeo. By Julien Hazebroucq, Emmanuelle Leleu, Morrigane Boyer, William Lorton, and Ren Hsien Hsu. I just think it’s wonderful. (This would have been a Funniest Item but I’ve had it open for more than a week. Got […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCCII

Guardian – G8 leaders reveal their TripAdvisor guide to Lough Erne Now we know what statesmen really think, Northern Ireland tourism is set for a boost. By Victoria Coren The whole thing is hilarious, but a taster: “Problem with gym” I am afraid problem with gym. Full of American presidents. I am vaiting, vaiting. Eventually […]

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Plucky Little Peugot

Time Machine *cries* Curtsy: Vanderleun.

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Friday Cat Blogging Resumes With a Postmodern Existentialist French Version

Henri 3, Le Vet Merci, Brett McS. I would call this hilarious if I could express any emotion while swirling this glass of wine while sucking on a black cigarette while gazing out on the world with a look of unutterable hopelessness and regret… So we’ll settle with genius. ;)

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXXXII

Jean Dujardin’s Villain Auditions from Jean Dujardin

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Totally Nontopical Quote of the Day

I haven’t heard this one (I bet it’s apocryphal but meh, who cares): A reader remembered Einstein, who said, “If my theory of relativity is proven correct, Germany will claim me as a German and France will declare that I am a citizen of the world. Should my theory prove untrue, France will say that […]

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A Tale of Two Philanderers (or Three)

So, we Americans are being told that it’s perfectly awful for Ryan Giggs’ affair to be made public because he has children. Why won’t somebody think of his children. Never mind that he’s famous and with fame comes the ability to send his children to school on private jets, and maybe he ought to have […]

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn: I Have No Idea What’s Going On

But I love this line: Meanwhile, while Bernard-Henri is scandalized that a mere chambermaid can get a “great” man like Strauss-Kahn in trouble with the law merely by credibly accusing him of sexual assault, I am proud to live in a country where a housekeeper can get a world leader pulled off a plane bound […]

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Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Week To Run Out of Gas

Have you seen the price of diesel lately? I think I can make it till Wednesday. So: The French air force seemed to have kicked some serious ass today in Libya. It’s nice to see them demonstrating their abilities for the world. Hate seeing them lumped in with the rest of the European elf-n-safety forces. […]

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Lucky Shine

Oh wow: First Ever Photograph of a Human Being That’s so cool.

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Let’s Tango

Apropos of nothing at all except that EVERYONE in my Facebook feed linked to this today so it was kinda hard to avoid: GOTAN PROJECT – RAYUELA from Ya Basta records on Vimeo.

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Bernard Koucher Offers To Fly To Tehran To Save Ms Ashtiani

The Times – Ashtiani campaign wins big friends amid fears of imminent execution He said that his mother had also received 99 lashes last week as punishment for the mistaken publication by The Times of a picture that was said to be her. A judge ordered the whipping for the offence of spreading indecency because […]

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Today, the Départements! Tomorrow, the Metric System!

Telegraph – France considers plan to abolish French Revolution département legacy France’s parliament is considering a plan that could stealthily abolish the country’s historic “départements”, created after the French Revolution to unite the nation and break with the country’s aristocratic past. Hurrah!

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Nukes! And Security! Together!

This is so funny on so many levels I can’t even begin to parse them all: France will not give up nukes WASHINGTON – France will not give up nuclear weapons because doing so would “jeopardise” its security, President Nicolas Sarkozy said this morning as global leaders gathered for a summit on nuclear security. “I […]

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Christian Louboutin “Dancer In A Daydream”, curtsy, who else.

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