Google Just Made Me Cry

Google did. GOOGLE.

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Papa Jean

Another nice story: Telegraph – Nicolas Sarkozy becomes a grandfather President Nicolas Sarkozy became a grandfather yesterday after the wife of his second son, Jean, gave birth to a baby boy. And of course, the Mail goes for the frequently-nekkid-model-cum-first-lady-of-France angle: Daily Mail – Glamorous Granny Bruni! Carla, 42, ‘thrilled and delighted’ by arrival of […]

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The Orient Express. October 1883 – December 2009

Telegraph Blogs – Petroc Trelawny: The Orient Express reaches the buffers The world’s most famous train finally stops running on Monday. While the new European railway timetable brings speedier journeys for Kent commuters, it also consigns the Orient Express to the history books. Not the Venice-bound tourist service that offers an expensive fantasy of teak, […]

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Don't Take Basket Weaving, Kid

The Times – It’s a myth that students can’t be stretched<br/> Britain asks its 16-year-olds to take only two academic subjects. That puts them and the whole country at a disadvantage, by Andrew Haldenby Across the developed world 16-year-olds at school today are working towards a minimum of four, five or six stretching academic qualifications […]

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In Our Time Just Isn't Enough

The Times – Intellectual property Why isn’t Britain as brazen as France in celebrating its greatest thinkers? No other country has quite this same cadre of men and women who can be introduced as “intellectuals” without making everyone else struggle to contain a smirk. In Britain, “intellectual” is almost a term of abuse, rarely used […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXIX

<br/> “The Wardrobe” – Canal+

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The UN Riding to the Rescue Again to Save Oppressed Peoples From Blabbedy Blah Blah

National Post – Steven Edwards: UN abuse investigator ignores abusers, investigates Canada McDougall, a U.S. national, is visiting Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal in a 10-day tour that ends Oct. 23. The UN says she will meet with senior federal and provincial government officials, representatives of activist groups, community members, academics, and others working to […]

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Prejudiced Progress

The Times – Three pressure points to make Iran crumble<br/> The Tehran regime is taking a beating at home and abroad. President Obama should ditch his conciliatory tone, by Rosemary Righter This emphasis on conciliation is, to put it mildly, odd given that it came at a press conference expressly called to read the riot […]

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(I Don't Know Why I'm Blogging On This But) Exactly!

Jonah Goldberg: You could think the underlying crime wasn’t that big a deal (not my position by any stretch), but how can anyone forgive Polanski’s flight from justice? I don’t care what your ideology is, that just makes no sense if you believe in the rule of law at all. Yes! Thank you! For further […]

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A Photo Tour of Normandy

Brett McS sent me this: Normandy 1944 – Then and Now Amazing. And I love how, in earlier times, what “liberation” looks like. And the heavy emphasis on Canadians (wooo).

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And Again: I Love the French

We all know, don’t we, how tedious Communists are. Well: The Times – French Muslim woman wearing ‘burkini’ banned from Paris swimming pool The local authorities insisted that no politics were involved. “The lady was almost fully dressed,” Daniel Guillaume, the head of sports facilities for the Seine-et-Marne département, said. “The personnel simply applied the […]

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A Little Light Armchair Reading on Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and Imperial Constitutions

Telegraph Blogs has redesigned. It is now not only impossible to peruse the complete repertoire of recent writings, because they put only one page of “Telegraph Blog Latest” articles on the front page and after that you have to go narrowing down by category within category to see anything, but the RSS feed has broken […]

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Literary Standards Where it Matters

Apropos of absolutely nothing at all, this just amused me, from Giles Coren, currently in France, in The Times, third item: There’s a bit of an unseemly pool-bagging system here, which you wouldn’t have expected at such a pukka joint, whereby these idle millionaires go scuttling to the pool on their way to breakfast, and […]

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The Modern Knight Errant Takes Visa and American Express

The Times – Hostages to face bill as France tries to recoup cost of rescues The French commandos swoop into action, shooting dead the kidnappers and bundling the hostages into a helicopter. But the smiles of the former captives fade as their liberators deliver a nasty shock: the bill. That could be the scene after […]

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The French First Lady Fashion Watch Develops

I was going to Twitter this, as I often do, since I like to point out Carla Bruni’s nicer frocks. Daily Mail – Bowled over! So was it the sight of stunning Carla Bruni make this Republican guard go weak at the knees? So the lady in the second picture is fairly decorative as well, […]

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