Steve Jobs

Steve resigned as CEO of Apple today. This is making me choke up a little: Daring Fireball – Resigned :(

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$5.6 Million For a Certain White Dress

Apparently the price I saw last week was short a full million bucks. In the comments of that post, Brett McS linked to this Virginia Postrel piece: Hollywood Auction Ends Myth of Zaftig Marilyn The auction’s top-ticket item was Monroe’s famous white halter dress from “The Seven Year Itch,” the one that billowed up as […]

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A Post for Midsummer: Sunscreen!

I saw this last weekend on my Canadian adventure: Boing Boing – 4 things you didn’t know about sunscreen I’m looking this over again to find which bits I wanted to quote. Erm, read the whole thing.

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Humboldt Girl Survives Rabies

…Without vaccine. Grim. But wow, good for her, eh?

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What If the Organic German Cucumbers Were Slightly Radioactive

A couple weeks ago (and a few weeks after Fukushima) was the anniversary of Chernobyl. The (hip young) news reader on Radio 1 (which I have in my car) said that “Green Peace estimates that some hideously high number of people [paraphrasing here] have died or been sickened with unimaginable cancers since the nuclear accident […]

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Ffffun Facts!

I almost went with another alliterative title but decided that would would appear quite enough in the below quoted Mark Steyn post, which I’ve found rather fascinating (and no, I didn’t know any of this either): Foreskin Man is America’s newest superhero, the creation of Matthew Hess and his group MGMBill, the enlightened Californian progressives […]

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Tree Climbing For the Future

Telegraph – Children ‘getting weaker because they don’t climb trees’ Dr Sandercock said: “This is probably due to changes in activity patterns among English 10-year-olds, such as taking part in fewer activities like rope-climbing in PE and tree-climbing for fun.” “Typically, these activities boosted children’s strength, making them able to lift and hold their own […]

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Random Question, Purely Curiosity

What do we think the world would be like (culturally (or however)) if HIV/AIDS hadn’t happened?

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XKCD Takes On Fukushima

This is a very useful infographic.

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Poo Jokes

(Subbed) Nuclear Boy うんち・おならで例える原発解説 I think this is beautiful. Note the emphasis on the efforts of and impact on other.

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Why Did I Click On This

Too late now (£): A rigid cut off of 24 weeks, below which no baby would be resuscitated, may make economic sense — it may even make moral and ethical sense given the likely toll on the child’s health as he or she gets older — but try telling that to the parents, doctors and […]

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Nearly Half of New York Won’t Exist Soon

I won’t bother re-quoting, just read this: Enough! 64 Percent of New Yorkers Say a 41 Percent Abortion Rate Is Too High

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Of Nasty Nurses and Hash Tags

This had me near tears today (and it’s nothing to do with old age NHS vs social care scandals) (and it’s not exactly the Telegraph that it appears in): The Independent – Christina Patterson: Nasty nurses? Tell me something new Some people, on hearing that old people in hospital were being left lying in their […]

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Honestly. Even this video, which I know I should get excited about, about some good arguments about repealing Obamacare: I mean, it’s good, it’s a very good argument, but it’s a bunch of numbers, and nobody who doesn’t already know that won’t see it, and even if they do see it, purely by accident, they’ll […]

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More Malarial Celebrity News

BBC – George Clooney recovering from malaria He said his own experience shows how the right medication can turn “the most lethal condition” into “a bad 10 days instead of a death sentence”. Insane. I mean, with the right medication you can survive with HIV/Aids for a long time, but you’re still going to die. […]

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