O My Little Trusty iMac, How Still We See Thee Liiiiiiie

Happy belated Christmas, all. Thank you for leaving your good wishes in the non sequitorious Kim Jong Il post. Because you see, yesterday, here’s what happened: I wake up my iMac first thing and trot off to get coffee and whatnot. Presents were opened. That kind of thing. 20 minutes later or so I return […]

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And Now: The Santa Brand Book

The Santa Brand Book. Literally. You’re welcome. Via Quietroom.

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXXVII

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Nando’s: Last dictator standing

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Armistice Day/Veteran’s Day/Remembrance Day/11.11.11 Day

I’m never sure what to post for Veteran’s Day. On the one hand, it’s important, and it’s important to me, but on the other hand somehow all the commemorations for the day sort of ring oddly when up against the Remembrance Day things going on in the rest of the (Western (ish)) world. Of course, […]

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The Proper Start to the Holidays

This morning Twitter erupted in tears with this year’s John Lewis Christmas ad: Doing a little research, I see that last year’s was uploaded to YouTube on Nov 11, 2010. 2009′s on Nov 16, but close enough. And so on. And all of them feature a female cover of a famous rock ‘n roll song, […]

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Happy Halloween!

Baby went trick-or-treating today dressed as a Y-is-for-Yak. She wouldn’t say much, but she did rather enthusiastically shout “Yahk!” at people. So yeah I spent all day sewing yak ears onto what used to be a teddy bear costume. Boo-yargh, I totally pulled it off. Carry on.

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Happy Memorial Day

Yesterday was the barbecue. Today I’m spending studying to get my dang California drivers license back tomorrow. TEN YEARS I held on to that dang thing as I bounced around the country. JUST TWO YEARS AGO I finally gave in and got a Washington license. Tch. And digging a hole. I hope to spend some […]

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Happy Easter!

Today was a lovely day. I went to church, repacked two boxes in anticipation of moving again, then had late brunch with the family with just enough mid-afternoon booze to really achieve the perfect holiday glow. So anyway, no news to report. However! On my way back from church (after stopping at Office Depot, as […]

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I’d Like to Thank My Mother and Dr King For Making This Day Possible

<br/><br/> I had the day off today (Peter didn’t haha) and my mother took Baby for a walk in the warm January sunshine so I did some dishes, got my car washed, did some shopping and had a “strawberry romanoff” from La Baguette, pictured.

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2010 In Review:

Off the top of my head, these are my tops. Apologies if I’ve completely forgotten anything that happened towards the beginning of the year; I haven’t spent much time exhaustively researching this. But I figure if it stuck with me for a moment’s reflection in the middle of a New Year’s Eve, it must rank, […]

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Oh Holy Night

I think this is my favourite Christmas Carol this year (ordinarily I’d say it’s I Saw Three Ships or …I can’t think of the other one. (My least favourite? Silent Night, hands down. Or Little Town of Bethlehem.)): (This isn’t what the choir at church sounded like this morning, FYI.) Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Confession:

I really, really want to eat at a Chinese restaurant on Christmas day some time, just to see what it’s really like. Does that make me a bad Catholic? A tourist of American Judaism? Or maybe I’m just not that keen on Turkey and Ham and am subconsciously latching onto a segment of the population […]

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2010 Makes Me Cry

But in a good way: Zeitgeist 2010: Year in Review Altho it was a long, eventful year for us. Watch fullscreen if you can, and have headphones or speakers on, do.

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Oh, Hell

I was going to sneak away today (in between grocery stores) to buy some shoes. AND I FORGOT. And you know what tomorrow is? Thanksgiving. And you know what the day after that is? MADNESS. And you know what the weekend will be like? STUPIDITY. And you know what Monday means? THE DAMNED THINGS WILL […]

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Two Minutes Silence

Aww, what a good idea: Telegraph – An unlikely charity single could reach number one next week: two minutes’ of silence. The track, which is released on Monday as a digital download, is to raise money for the Royal British Legion. The organisers hope that it might top the charts next week, coinciding with Remembrance […]

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