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Preemptive Update! I wrote this post over a month ago, but then got lazy and didn’t finish the last couple of links (still haven’t, but honestly I think I’ve got the basics covered), but then this morning I saw this Tell Mama link posted below, which made me think a) Oh that’s hilarious, who COULD […]

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Already These Olympics Are GREAT

And no I’m not watching, I’m just on Twitter. But to illustrate in more than 140 characters (less the short url for an epic photo), Mark Steyn posted this, written during the Salt Lake City Olympics what with the corruption and vote rigging and whatnot: For all that pious guff about not tainting the “Olympic […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCCIV

I love this: Craigslist – – $800 Bedroom Available (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) (Here’s another link in case that one disappears) If anyone is interested, I’m renting out my bedroom in Williamsburg, Brooklyn immediately. I apologize for the short notice. The apartment features a kitchenette, a large (by New York standards, ha ha) bathroom, and a roommate […]

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God I’m bored. Twitter is a lovely, lovely place. I don’t understand people who can’t get into Twitter. I used to work for a lady who was (HAH) spearheading the (HAH) social (HAH HAH) outreach for the support side of a major brand name internet monetization product, and she said proudly to me, on my […]

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In Which Google Destroys the Thing Holding the Internet Together

…In order to force people into using the thing that’s they want to hold the internet together but won’t because it’s a piece o’ shite. Hitler finds out Google Reader is shutting down Brian Shih’s answer to: Google Reader Shut Down (March 2013): Why is Google killing Google Reader? (Brian Shih is a former Reader […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXCII

Well, it’s CES week. This is probably the most amazing thing ever to have happened to the internet: The Verge – Qualcomm’s insane CES 2013 keynote in pictures and tweets A night of cringeworthy conversations, product demos, and music I put it to you, dear readers, that “THE INTERNET OF EVERYTHING” (read: “THE INTERNET OF […]

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It’s Not All Bad News

I just put this on Twitter but I need it for the external memory drive. 26 Moments That Restored Our Faith In Humanity This Year There are many things to undo you entirely, but #15 is my favourite, 3 is adorable, 5 is great, 6 I’ve seen before but is still hilarious (the smilies), 18 […]

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Cute Fluffy Kitteh Correspondent Brett McS Points Us To…

Live Science (it’s science!) – I Can Haz Productivity? Why You Should Look at Cute Animals at Work Here’s a defense for when your boss catches you watching kitten videos on the job: New research shows looking at cute images of baby animals may actually improve your work performance, inspiring more fine-tuned attention and careful […]

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Peter Recommends CXXXVIII

Slate – How Kate Middleton’s Wedding Gown Demonstrates Wikipedia’s Woman Problem. By Torie Bosch “Depressing,” quoth Peter. Interesting, sayeth I. It is depressing, but I think it’s interesting given trends I’ve noticed in the past few years on Wiki (oh Wiki, my sun, my stars, my brain). Time was, if you wanted to look something […]

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I’m Famous!

Enjoy… LOL

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Future Lawyers: Still Lawyers

So much for “First…” Welcome to Life: the singularity, ruined by lawyers (In fairness: Lawyers and MBAs.)

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April Fools: Christmas For the Internet

Oh how I love today in the internet age. Winners: Warby Barker. Eyeglasses for dogs. Click around. Look at the product pages. This is love. Google Maps 8-bit for NES. Video introduction made me weep with joy (I want to hug everyone in Google Japan for this): There were certainly very many, but my personal […]

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Andrew Breitbart Died Today

He was 43 years old and I’d probably only known he existed for 5 or 6 of them. He wasn’t the sort of person I fanatically kept up on, just cuz I didn’t think I’d need to horde his works since he was young and I wasn’t aware there was such a need for urgency. […]

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It Was Inevitable, Wasn’t It

A continuation in an occasional series in which I rail against the habits of Mark Steyn’s content-providers vis-a-vis ads… This page on The Corner, resplendent with ads and promotions, has failed to load the actual Mark Steyn post. Oops! (It’s probably just a bug in Safari in case none of you can repro it (for […]

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There’s a new Twitter account (since the Pearl Harbor anniversary), @rosieswwii, which is going through WWII through the experiences of a recently married woman living in Seattle in 1941 (now 1942). There are a couple of these but this one is the most fictionalized. Or I think it is. I have no idea if this […]

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