Mark Steyn’s Speaking Tour

I’ve had this open for a few weeks and it’s worth finally linking to: The Spectator (Australia) – Silence this infidel Mark Steyn’s recent appearances in Australia remind us why he’s a world leader in defending free speech, by Rowan Dean

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In Which Cranes Are Grounded By the FAA

Good lord: AP – Bird plane runs afoul of federal regulators Ten young whooping cranes and the bird-like plane they think is their mother had flown more than halfway to their winter home in Florida when federal regulators stepped in. Now the birds and the plane are grounded in Alabama while the Federal Aviation Administration […]

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I Am So Happy I Can’t Think of a Better Pun

Wheat & Weeds – Reading Books For Pleasure Shall Not Die! I was honestly beginning to think that maybe, when room for stockpiling ran out, I should spend $15 a pop on Edison bulbs. Gorgeous light. Last forever. Bankruptablicious. I could’ve done without the overturn being “tucked inside the massive 1,200-page spending bill that funds […]

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Quick Links: Death Penalty! Mannequins Smoking at Dinner Parties! European Economics! Writing!

I have stuff stacking up. And I’ll never get around to any of it if I force myself to make a new post for each of them, but I wanna pass ’em along anyway… Telegraph Blogs – Toby Harnden: American Way: The shallow anti-Americanism of the ‘I am Troy Davis’ crowd Retronaut – CYNTHIA, 1932 […]

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Riot Advice

The Times went to the Metropolitan Police (London) to ask what people should do if caught up in the middle of a riot; if one is wearing a hoodie and wants to communicate with the police that it’s really just a hoodie; if looters come to their home and try to help themselves to their […]

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Footballer Sues Internet

…Is the news of the day. Some unnamed but very married football star who has a superinjunction preventing newspapers from naming him got named anyway on Twitter (no I didn’t bother looking it up) by an anonymous account. So of course he is suing Twitter. And of course his lawyer told him “Yeah we can […]

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Democracy’s Defenders

The Guardian – Pakistan: The moral collapse of a nation Politicians, lawyers and journalists who championed the cause of democracy now fail to speak up A month before the governor of the Punjab, Salmaan Taseer, was lowered into an early grave, an imam at a mosque in Peshawar asked the Taliban to kill a Christian […]

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In the Independent

Independent Blogs – Yet more reasons why the Iraq war was right, by John Rentoul (Chief political commentator for their Sunday paper? Seriously?) Read the whole thing. Don’t read the comments.

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Thank You, Mister President

NRO – Child-Only Left Behind How Obamacare destroyed the child-only health-insurance market. Because parents can buy child-only insurance at the last minute, child-only policies will be purchased disproportionately by already-sick clients. The disproportionately sick clientele will be expensive to care for, which will force insurers to raise premiums. The high premiums will give the healthy […]

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I’ll Never Remember All That In An Argument

A very good 10 minute video on the history of the commerce clause and how it’s the source of all our present federal governmental joy: Curtsy: RC2.

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If All You’ve Seen So Far Has Been a Celebration of the Vanquishing of the “Tyranny of the Majority”

…Here’s a good round up of what actually happened: When he got to the “findings of fact,” he routinely stipulated and interpreted things in the most favorable light for those advancing same-sex marriage and called them “facts.” Here are examples of many of his facts and findings, which you are urged to read slowly and […]

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A Week of No Good News

I’m not in a particularly good mood today and the weather (hot, muggy, stagnant) isn’t helping. Neither is this: [Charles Krauthammer] On Robert Gibbs refusing to comment on the planned mosque at Ground Zero because it’s a “local” issue: It’s no more a local issue than 9/11 was a local New York event. That’s a […]

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What’s La Raza in Quebecois

A tale of two borders: The Corner – Mark Steyn: That Ain’t Hay, It’s The USA In effect, the sovereignty of the United States of America no longer applies in this territory – and John Morton and the Department of Homeland Security are entirely cool with that. That’s the southern border. The northern one, the […]

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Mit Stallman!

Hitler, as “Downfall producer” orders a DMCA takedown from Brad Templeton on Vimeo. Curtsy: RC2 in the comments of the last video (Hilariously, looking for that link, I saw “Hitler” and clicked on the wrong entry. I am, evidently, just ALL Hitler ALL THE TIME. And here I am on vacay in Maui. Weird, eh?). […]

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More Authorities Trying to Make Themselves Useful In This New Paradise

More hardware store misery, too. John Stossel, via Mark Steyn: For 15 years, the B & B Do it Center, a local hardware store in the small California town of Camarillo, has been putting out coffee and doughnuts for its morning customers. Actually longer, says owner Randy Collins; the previous owner did it too. Customers […]

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